Best Adult Tricycles with Baskets for the Money

Although the term adult tricycle does not sound cool, I can tell you that riding one is. There is an explainable attraction to them from all age groups, from kids to senior citizens. Be forewarned, everyone around you is going to want to ride your new tricycle bike.

Adult tricycles, commonly referred to as trikes, are made for a slow and relaxed style of riding. Casual pedaling on most trikes will be faster than walking pace with far less effort. With a trike, you can cruise your gated community, mobile home park or campsite riding in style and with all of the attention you will get, you will feel like a rock star.

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Trikes are perfect for riding in small communities where you may find yourself stopping frequently to hang out with neighbors or just to take everything in. You do not even have to get off the bike.

Traits to look for in the Best Adult Tricycles:

  • Multi-Speed
  • Dual Brakes
  • Fenders
  • Folding Frame
  • Well Padded Seat
  • Collapsible Basket that Converts to a Flat Bed
  • Rated for Riders 350 Pounds in Weight or More
  • Comes Mostly Assembled

Adult Tricycles are easy to get on and ride.

People that have never rode a bike in their lives, young and old, are immediately comfortable with trikes. Most all of the adult tricycles are single speed which means there are no gears to shift which could complicate the riding experience. Trikes come with larger seats that usually have more padding making them more comfortable to ride.

Getting on the trike is easy as they have a low center section. Also, unlike a 2 wheeled bike that you have to keep upright, the bike stays balanced. That means that you can sit on the seat first then lift and then swing a leg over and you’re ready to go.

Adult Tricycles are good for Mind and Body.

The seating position is upright, like sitting in a chair and riding the bike does not require leaning forward like other bikes do. That is great news people with bad backs.

Many people with issues maintaining balance while walking or standing may find riding a trike easy. In fact, persons that with hip ankle or foot pain while walking often find riding a trike bike a relief. It also gives those with Autism, Parkinson’s, mild Cerebral Palsy or even brain injuries the freedom to continue to riding a bike as well.

No matter what the situation, with an adult tricycle, you can slow down or stop as needed without worrying about the bike toppling over. That also makes it one of the best bikes for “walking” your dog. Trikes are the best bikes for seniors, riding one is fun and brings back a sense of youth and well-being.

Although Trikes may be Slower, they Haul!

Most adult tricycles come with a basket in the rear behind the driver. Most baskets are very large and can easily accommodate 3 to 4 bags of groceries or up to 6-gallon jugs. Heck most can even carry a small dog! Some adult tricycles even have collapsible baskets. You simply pull a few pins and it transforms the basket into a flatbed for hauling larger objects.

Dogs Schwinn Tricycle
A couple of cute dogs riding in the basket of a Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle.

Because of the unique ability for trikes to transport heavier loads on a sturdy footing, they are becoming popular where blue collar workers need to bring materials from one building to another.

The best part about adult trikes compared to a motored vehicle? There’s a low cost of maintenance plus no insurance, license or training is needed.

Because trikes have 3 wheels to support you, many adult tricycles are rated to support up to 400 pounds. That makes them great bikes for overweight people looking for a fun way to burn calories and shed a few pounds while having fun.

The disadvantages to an Adult Tricycle.

Obviously, they are heavier than a regular bike so most are single speed and lower geared. With that said, they are not an ideal bicycle to ride long distances. The turning radius is often large. Sharp turns while riding fast could result in the bike tipping over. So if you’re looking to do tricks, ride fast or great distances, a trike may not be the best bike.

Adult trikes do best on a flat level terrain. A bumpy terrain is magnified having three wheels. Not only would you feel front to back jolting but also side-to-side. Riding on a road with a high pitch (tilt of the road’s surface towards the gutter) results in the bike leaning one way while you are trying to counter lean the other direction. If you plan on riding on a relatively smooth and level terrain, this should not be an issue.

The assembly can be done by 1 person, but it is more easily done with 2. It takes an average of an hour or 2 to assemble most trikes. The distance between the back wheels once assembled is about 3 feet wide. If you are assembling it inside, make sure you can fit through the door frames to get it out of the house.

Adult tricycles take up a lot of floor space in a garage or storage. Invite a friend over to help and plan on assembling it and storing it where enough space exists. If space is an issue, you may want to consider a Quick Folding Adult Tricycle.