Around Spare Tire Popup Camper Bike Rack

Best Popup Camper Bike Rack

Riding bikes while camping is a fun and healthy way to explore the campground and surrounding area. Although when towing a popup camper to and from your destination, figuring out how to bring your bikes with you can present a real challenge.

Without a pop up camper bike rack, you forced to sacrifice car space or most of the truck bed where everything else needs to go or be forced to leave your bikes behind. A popup bike rack solves the problem.

So what is the best pop up camper bike rack?

Popup Camper Bumper Bike Racks

Finding the best bike rack solution depends on your needs, and the build quality and design of your camper.

The most popular option has to be to buy a bumper mounted bike carrier that does not require a hitch and semi permanently bolts to the bumper Just be aware that not all popup camper bumpers are of equal quality!

While most camper bumpers are heavy-duty welded steel, many others are thin and flimsy and almost seem ornamental. You don’t want your bike rack falling off while driving down the highway. The mount, the bike rack, and a few bikes could weigh in at 75 lbs or more. Now imagine driving down a washboard road or going over bumpy highway construction with that 75 lbs of weight bouncing on the bumper. Would your popup camper bumper withstand you jumping up and down on it? Best advice is to check your bumpers rating in the campers user’s manual.

If you have a spare tire that is center rear mounted on the camper, you can go with an around the spare bumper bike rack.

Another thing to consider is that some popup bumpers have L-shaped diamond plating covering the front and top of the steel bumper. If that’s the case, you may find your 4″ bumper is larger technically larger than 4″ with the plating. That can pose issues attaching the 4″ mount or bicycle rack to it. In that case, you have the option of grinding down the diamond plating (a good hours work) or go with a forward or roof mount bike rack solution instead.

Popup Camper Bumper Mounted Bike Racks

This option is a little pricey but offers an advantage. You can buy a mount that adds a hitch to the back of the popup’s bumper and then connect a regular hitch mounted bike rack like you would connect to the rear of your car.

The advantage is that you can easily use your bike rack when you are not pulling the popup.


A-Frame Mount.


I would steer clear of them for popups.

There is a reason it is pictured on a rigid wall camper. It is bolted to the frame of the trailer itself. On a popup camper, the mounting bracket could block your forward slide-out from pulling out.

Clamp on Bike Racks

Although it does not technically mount the popup, with this you can still haul bikes along with your popup. These clamp on the ball mount. Unlike an A-Frame trailer mount, when you disconnect from your popup at the camp site, the rack and bikes remain with the vehicle.

The biggest benefit to a Clamp-On Bike Rack is that you can haul your bikes with or without your camper and can even haul other types of trailers along with your bikes.