honda crv bike rack

Best Bike Rack for Honda CR-V

Compact SUVs can be a way of life for people who are into their outdoor life but still want a vehicle worthy of traversing them around. For years the Honda CR-V has made a name for itself as a premier option. Initially manufactured back in 1995, the CR-V has seen four generations of releases leading up to our present date and time. Cycling enthusiasts can look to a car like this as the perfect companion to haul their bikes around. The big question you have to ask yourself is this: What bike rack do I need?

What to Look For in a Rack

Alright, so we’ll dip our toes into the different styles of bike racks available. Now we have to actually push on and make a decision. When it comes to the selection process you’ll need to work through a few key questions. Ask the following questions to yourself and then move on to the different rack styles to make your decision.

1) How many bikes am I planning to haul?

You may only have one bike today but how many will you have in a year? Will you plan on hauling friends bicycles as well?

2) Am I able to maneuver my bike alone?

Some of the racks listed below will require you to put the bicycle above your head. Others will have you needing to hold

3) What is my price range?

As with anything in life you will have to set your expectations in line with your price range. We’ll dig into a variety of different bike racks that expand into several different tiers of pricing. Fortunately there is quality at every price level, unfortunately, you’ll have to dig to find it.

4) What size is my bike?

Bikes come in different shapes and sizes and they’ll fit in different ways with these racks. You’ll want to take stock of your bike size before committing to a certain rack type — especially if you plan on hauling more than one bicycle around.

Selecting a Bike Rack

If you wander on over to the sports store or even click around on some cycling websites then you’ll no doubt see that the world is filled with rack options. These bicycle racks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and prices. How do you narrow down your search? Well, you can start by looking for what will fit your car right. Listed below are the different types of racks that fit excellently with most Honda CR-V models.

Hitch Rack

The hitch rack is uber common and a cheap way to haul bikes around. If your CR-V has a hitch receiver already installed then finding a rack will be simple. Hitch racks are typically reserved for cars that fit in Class 2 through Class 4 hitch racks, meaning that they are made for heavyweights. The CR-V is an all around vehicle so this should be an option for you. If you don’t have a hitch you can also have one installed. These racks typically hold anywhere from 2 to 5 bikes at maximum and they are placed on the rear end of your car.

Roof Rack

The roof rack is almost self-explanatory but we’ll give you some details anyways. If your CR-V is equipped with the appropriate mounting points on your roof then this sort of rack will be simple and safe to utilize. A roof rack is typically affordable and they are prized for their versatility. You can adapt your roof rack for all season usage and its placement on top of your car keeps it out of the way. Bicycles locked into roof racks typically are much more stable when installed. You DO have to deal with getting them up and down every time and that could be an issue for solo riders or cyclists who are not tall enough to manipulate the rack.

Trunk Rack

The trunk rack is probably the lightest and most versatile rack on this list and it is also the perfect option for CR-V owners. These racks fasten down to the rear of your vehicle with ergonomic and easy to use straps and hooks. Bikes are strapped down and stabilized against rack cradles. If you opt to go this route then you need to know that you’ll only be able to pack away a maximum of two or three bikes depending on their size. The convenience of these racks makes them a popular piece of equipment though there are some issues as well. Trunk racks are not quite as stable as the other racks on this list and that’ll result in swaying and movement in the bikes. You must also change the way you drive when hauling bikes around as the extended back end of your car can create new issues.

Spare Tire

If you have a spare tire mount on the back of your Honda CR-V then you are ahead of the pack when it comes to versatile bike rack options. Spare tire racks are known to be very light, ergonomic, and easy to install due to how compact they are. The downside to this sort of rack is that it is lacking in flexibility and you can only carry up to two total bikes. You’ll also have to remove the cover on your tire. You do want to also pay attention so that your bike does not cover up your license plate or taillights as that could lead to some issues with law enforcement.

Premier Options

Alright, now you should know more than about bike racks for your CR-V. It’s time to get down to business and actually pick one out. We arranged a few different options below for your pleasure. Each rack on this list has its own set of pros and we think any one of them would be nicely fit onto your Honda CR-V.

Allen Sports Deluxe 4 Bike Hitch Mount
If you have a family of bicycle enthusiasts or merely a bunch of friends who want to car pool then you can’t go wrong with this model. The Allen Sports Deluxe 4 Bike Hitch Mount offers you premier flexibility and elite workmanship. You can haul four bikes at once while saving precious trunk space for your prized cargo. A 2-inch receiver should fit your Honda CR-V just fine.

Yakima KingJoe Pro-2 Bike Trunk Rack
Alright, so you don’t need to haul a family of cyclists around but you still have a friend or significant other. Find your way to the Yakima KingJoe Trunk Rack and you’ll be in business in no time. This is a narrowly designed rack that fits nice and easy onto your trunk. The quick trigger system makes for easy to install and remove applications and the padded straps prevent you from leaving any damage on your CR-V.

Thule 963PRO Spare Me 2 Bike Spare Tire Carrier
Thule is a name that many cyclists will recognize and appreciate. If you have a spare tire mount on the back of your CR-V then you should consider the 963PRO. This carrier is easy to install and can fit two bikes in place at once. Though it is a little pricier than the other options on our list, it still offers enough bang for the buck for us to suggest it wholeheartedly.