Critical Cycles Single Speed

Critical Cycles Single Speed / Fixie Urban Road Bike Review

Urban cycling isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why bicycle riders are so serious about doing the research, understanding the gear, and getting the right bikes for their needs.

You can’t just walk into a store or go online and pick out the first bike with two wheels that you see. It just won’t work out. That is why we are here to help.

Throughout this article, we refer to this bike as both a Fixie and a Single Speed bike. The Flip-flop rear hub on the rear wheel allows you to change it from single speed to fixed gear to make it operate the way you wish. So technically it’s both.

This bicycle will kick your butt and keep you on the road long past the time that all of your multi-speed friends have called it quits. Think of urban bikes as the prototypical single speed bike.

Critical Cycles is a known brand of bicycle manufacturer. They are renowned for their affordable models, quality parts, and top of the line efficiency. One of the premier bikes on their sell sheet is the Single Speed Urban Road bike.

Affordability in a box.

This single speed bike is tagged with a retail price that is a good quarter of the amount that most ‘high end’ fixies go for…only this one is just as good as them!

At under $300 you will be able to save money for maintenance and upgrades later on down the line. The affordability of this bicycle makes it the perfect entry-level bike for amateur riders. As an amateur, riding a bike this affordable, you shouldn’t be as concerned about dinging it up or potentially losing it.

For the price of just one ‘premie’ bike you can get two or three of these models!

Cheap but quality bike.

Seeing the affordable price tag attached to Critical Cycles fix gear urban bike may leave many people with some doubts. How can a good bike be that affordable? Does that mean they are making sacrifices in terms of the quality of gear? To answer these questions: no.

For the most part, Critical Cycles has outfitted their bike with top of the line components. The bicycle itself is made with a super light, spin-able, frame. It’s light in your hands and easy to maneuver when you are riding it down tight curves.

The bike is comprised of brand name components which include a Neco headset, Wanda Tires, a quality KMC chain, and Pro-Max brakes. The chain wheel itself is made up of lightweight alloy for durability and maneuverability. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes and has 10 different color combinations available.

Out of the box in a snap.

Nowadays you are pretty much expected to put together your bike if you expect to have any long-term success with it. Building the bike and getting to understand all of the separate pieces is a valuable learning experience for any aspiring cyclist.

This doesn’t mean that the experience will be difficult or even boring. On the contrary, Critical Cycles has made one of the easiest to assemble bikes on the market. This single speed road bike comes shipped in a pair of boxes.

If you are the most handily challenged builder around you can still go online to get instructional videos loaded up to help you out. Just be careful to attach the brake pads in the proper spot, tighten the chain appropriately, and keep the handlebars facing in the right direction.

You don’t even need to bring your own tools as Critical Cycles has begun to package the tools you need to build and maintain your bike. It’s simple, easy and effective.

So what’s the downside?

Well, the only downside to this Critical Cycles bike is that it is a single speed model. Single speed models are super popular among urban riders, every day commuters, and neighborhood leisure riders.

Does that mean there is anything wrong with the bike? No! There is nothing to complain about in relations to the bike. If you want to have a bicycle that can handle uphill biking and off-road cycling then you need to make sure that you get the proper bike. This would not be the bike for those situations.

Flexibility with components!

Being that this bicycle is one of the most affordable, quality bikes on the market, you will have plenty of room to customize and upgrade it further as you get more comfortable with it. Many cyclists like to trade out their stock tires pretty much immediately. Seeing as this model comes with quality Wanda’s you won’t have to do that.

But you will be saving so much money on the bike itself that you should be able to afford those kinds of upgrades. You may also want to consider throwing on a new seat to get the most comfort possible. The stock seat works fine but there are better models around.

In closing.

What else is there to say about this wonderful little bike? You can’t really find a more effective, efficient, and affordable bicycle on the marketplace in this style.

The Critical Cycles urban road model is the perfect solution to those cyclists that want to hit the road and really not worry about much else. It’s a great bike for cyclists of all ages and experience levels though it tends to cater to the amateur bike rider. Even seasoned vets will find a reason to take this bike out for a ride.

This fixie makes the perfect complement to the more expensive multi-speed bicycles. If you want to hit the road and not worry about the bike getting beat up then have one of these as a backup plan!