Best Cycling Arm Warmers 2017

Some riders live and cycle in areas that’re very cool in the morning and incredibly warm in the afternoon. A bulky jacket or thick long sleeve shirt feels like it interferes with your range of arm and elbow movement and is difficult to stow. Cycling arm warmers are the perfect solution.

What are cycling arm warmers?

Think of arm warmers as the complete opposite of a sleeveless shirt… they are technically shirtless sleeves. That makes them the perfect addition to your short sleeve jersey.

Wearing arm warmers in combination with your short sleeve jersey means that you can adjust between weather changes quickly while staying comfortable. Some riders accomplish this by simply sliding their warmers down to their wrists when needed or simply take them off. Plus they are easily stowed on your commute.

Best Selling Arm Warmers:

Pearl Izumi – Ride Elite Thermal Arm Warmers

These fleece lined babies are perfect for cyclers who live in cooler climates. The outer shell is composed of a blend of nylon, polyester, and elastane. Each set is specifically molded for the contour of your arms with a designated right and left. Additionally, the silicone gripper ensures a good fit but tends to be a bit tight. However, it’s better to be a bit to snug than too loose. Pearl Izumi offers them in a high visibility color affectionately known as “screaming yellow.”

Zensah Limitless Compression Arm Warmers

These warmers are a little different in that they stretch down to the hands with thumb holes. Crafted with nylon and spandex they offer benefits in both hot and cold climates. One awesome thing about these warmers is their moisture wicking and anti-odor properties, both of which help to ensure a good dry fit. The compression feature aids circulation, which helps with muscle recovery after your ride. This particular item features a phone holder which seems to not interfere with the fit.

2XU Recovery Compression Arm Sleeve

Although labeled as a compression sleeve this lycra blend product does the job. Like the Zensah, it offers compression benefits, which I have found to be excellent. The 2XU also keeps you dry while cycling. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this product is the SPF 50+ protection it offers the wearer. This last feature makes it a great buy for those with light skin, or who live in very sunny areas.

Pearl Izumi Men’s Pro Thermal Arm Warmers

Pearl Izumi is at it again with this nifty buy. Its unique composition provides for warmth, dryness, and comfort. More specifically it is constructed to allow for a full range of movement. There are a lot of awesome things that can be said about the Pearl Izumi brand. My research revealed that it is a very reliable brand and rider favorite. You may need to go up a size from your jersey. Again keep in mind that fit and comfort are key.

Capo Roubaix Arm Warmers

Capo’s cold weather warmers round out my list. They feature a knit pattern that allows for better coverage with less material. For those that ride in a full cold weather environment, they are ideal. Another interesting gadget is a special pocket near the elbow that allows for better mobility.

Cycling Arm Warmer Sizing

The biggest challenge when shopping for them online has to be getting the right size. Being that there is not a shirt attached to keep the arm warming sleeves up, they need to fit snugly so they don’t keep sliding down to your wrists. At the same time, you don’t want them to feel like a blood pressure cuff at maximum inflation.

Problem is, when it comes to people’s arms, bicep size can really vary from one person to the next. So I recommend arm warmers with integrated gripper bands as the solution.

Grippers built into the better arm warmers help ensure even if the arm warmers are a little loose, they are only crumpled down on your wrists when you intend them to be.

When you order arm warmers, like socks, it includes the pair and the best arm warmers come with anatomically correct left and right arm specific fit. All of the above are sold on Amazon’s site so you can rest assured that if order something and it is not right, they offer world class customer service.

Arm Warming Features.

Some warmers feature reflective or brightly colored material for safety purposes. Riders in metropolitan areas are always aware of the importance of visibility on the road.

Another little treat on some warmers is small pockets for holding phones, jewelry, and important identification.