Kent Thruster KZ2600

Kent Thruster KZ2600 Mountain Bike Review

Today we are going to be talking to you about the Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. If you are on this page then you are likely shopping for an affordable mountain bike that can get the job done while you learn the ropes.

Thankfully, Kent has just the bike for you. Mountain bikes come in all shapes and sizes and prices and we did all of the legwork in order to bring this model to your attention.

Let’s leap in and see just why the Kent Thruster KZ2600 is the perfect mountain bike for beginning cyclists.

Budget Bike for Mountain Trails

Alright, if you walked down the aisles of a bicycle shop then the Kent Thruster KZ2600 may not jump off of the page at you in the way that you think. While the price on this bad boy is awfully low, under $300, it more than makes up for it with both quality parts and a high-quality appearance.

The Kent Thruster KZ2600 comes out as a dark black and blue model with a powder finish that makes it look like something out of a video game. Don’t worry though, this sleek appearance isn’t indicative of the sturdy build underneath the surface.

This full suspension bike features a sturdy aluminum frame that has a floating beam suspension design. This floating beam suspension design is mated straight into the fork on the bike and you can see right off the bat that it is built quite differently than other mountain bikes that are of a similar price and quality.

The aluminum hand welded frame can stand up to a ton of abuse so you shouldn’t worry about the elements or the terrain getting to this bicycle.

We want to point out that this is a full suspension bicycle which means that it can handle several different sorts of terrain. We also want to point out that the bike is fairly heavy at around 40lbs.

What this means is that you have a bicycle which can handle getting rugged but also has the flexibility of a nice stroll on even ground. That’s definitely a benefit when you are shopping for mountain bikes.

Let’s shift our eyes down the frame of the bike in order to take in a little bit more about what is going on. The Kent Thruster KZ2600 comes with 26″ alloy tires that have a widened base in order to get you as much grip and traction as you can while handling the rougher terrain.

The wheels have alloy rims and they look to be of decently high quality. Still, we always want to advise new cyclists that the first things they will likely replace on their beginning bicycle model will be the tires. If you want to skip the wearing-down process and go straight to purchasing higher quality tires, well, that is up to you.

Top Notch Components

A bicycle is so much more than just a frame with some wheels and brakes. Really, you are going to want to pay as much attention as possible to the components that are used on the bike.

Many cheaper mountain bikes, of which the Kent Thruster KZ2600 fits the category, like to skimp out by using cheaply made or knock off components for their beginner models.

While we understand the decision to go cheap for a cheap bike, this is thankfully not the situation for the Kent Thruster KZ2600. This bicycle features Shimano shifters that roll through 21 different speeds as well as a rear tourney derailleur in order to give you smooth riding and handling when you need to pivot and turn.

The front end of the bike utilizes disc brakes while the back end of the bike uses a rear linear pull brake. While these brakes are cheap they are more than good enough to stop and go as your needs dictate.

We highly advise new riders to take time tuning their brakes before they spend too much time out on the trails. Getting in touch with how your brakes work by way of tuning is a great decision that will pay dividends later — especially when you are on the trails.

Installation Process

When you order the Kent Thruster KZ2600 online you are going to be greeted with a 45 lb box of bicycle on your doorstep.

Seeing as this is a rugged and heavy duty aluminum bike, there is going to be a little bit of work when you put the thing together. Thankfully Kent makes their product easy to use and easy to put together, so you won’t spend too much time installing all of the pieces.

In terms of actual installation, you will only have to attach the handlebars as well as your seat. The majority of your time at the beginning will be spent fine tuning the bicycle into the machine that you will be hitting the slopes with. This means that you will be tweaking the brakes and making sure that the derailleur is up to snuff before you ever take it for a spin.

If you need help accomplishing either task, Kent has a variety of videos available on their website as well as the bikes manual.

Final Thoughts

When we look for a mountain bike in the beginner price range we want something that is rugged and attractive. The Kent Thruster KZ2600 is a good looking bike that can withstand a beating before you even have to worry about anything breaking down. With a little bit of love and perhaps new tires this mountain bike should serve you well for quite awhile.