Marcy Upright Mag Cycle Review

The exercise and dieting world is one that is full of choices, opinions, and scientific research. An exercise routine that works for one person may not work for another and those who can stick to one diet may fail it if attempted on their own.

So in this clunky world, where the quest to fitness seems never-ending, how can you get a leg up on your fitness regime? Do you have to join a gym and hire a personal trainer?

While those things would be helpful all you really need is the right mindset and exercise equipment to go along with it. Let’s take a look at the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle and discover why it can be the perfect solution to your fitness needs.

What is an upright exercise bike?

Before we dive into the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle we should come to an understanding as it pertains to its function. The upright exercise bike has become one of the go-to pieces of gear for people looking to shake up their fitness routine.

The upright, stationary, bike works just like a regular bicycle except for the fact that it is indoors and doesn’t move. This makes it one of the better options for people who want to get in shape without having to brave the elements every day. Cold weather fitness freaks will enjoy all of the benefits of cycling without leaving their own home.

Upright bikes often showcase detailed screens that keep track of different routines and body stats. Some machines will count your mileage while calculating your calorie burn and many other neat little tricks.

Why choose the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle?

Getting fit was never supposed to be an easy endeavor or else everyone would do it! The truth is, though, that the Marcy Upright Mag Cycle makes working out as simple, and easy, as possible. There are many reasons that you should give this bike a shot before trying out any others. Let’s take a look!

Magnetic Resistance System

This model of exercise bike features a magnetic resistance system inside of the machine. What this means is that the resistance pushing against your pedals is done via magnets. This makes for a smoother, and quieter, pedaling motion.

Have you ever been in the room with an old and noisy upright bike? It’s hard to even hear yourself think much less relax or watch television. The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle makes for a quiet workout that is no less effective than other models available.

Informative Display Hub

What was once a revolutionary feature is now all but standard among upright bikes. A center information display, similar to a cyclocomputer on a regular bike, is located between the handlebars, gives you real-time information in relation to your workout.

Not only will you be able to track your speed, distance, and time but you will also be able to track how many calories you are burning! Pretty sweet!

Knowledge is as important as effort when it comes to working out and so the Mag cycle makes sure that you are stocked with what you need to know! The display is easy to read and control with a few simple finger touches.

Flexible Fitness Program

When you ride a bicycle outside you get to feel the road, deal with hills, and fight against the terrain. In short, outside biking can make for an effective and diverse exercise routine. In order to replicate these same results, the Upright Mag Cycle has a variety of different fitness programs that are accessible through the little display hub.

You can set your work out to different resistance levels and even go for one of the programmed ‘courses’. These different exercise options will keep you on your toes and feeling the burn. When you feel like you are one step ahead of your current regiment then you can go ahead and bump it up to the next level. Repeat the process and you’ll be seeing results all day!

Compact & Light Design

One of the most revered aspects of the Upright Mag Cycle is the fact that it is super compact and light weight. Indoor bikers love to have compact and light machines so that they can easily be moved out of the way. Many people leave their bikes in the closet or in the corner of the room and only pull it out for exercise.

The Upright Mag Cycle weighs in at a little bit over 43 pounds and is 32 x 48 inches in size. This bike is perfect for medium height to short people. Long legged or super tall bikers will have a little bit of trouble getting comfortable but it is still possible with a bit of adjustment done to the pedals and the seats. So if you are a taller individual, over 6 feet, don’t be afraid to give the bike a shot!

Easy to Assemble

Unless you plan on having a friend come over to put your bike together you will need to actually put it together upon arrival. The bike is already small when put together so you can imagine how tiny the shipping boxes are. While there are a lot of different parts to assemble the instructions are clear and the components are good quality.

As long as you are armed with your trusty wrench, and aren’t afraid to use it, you should have no problem getting the Mag Upright Cycle put together. Make sure to really tighten the bolts to prevent a wobbly performance.

The Marcy Upright Mag Cycle is the perfect solution for the person that needs an indoor exercise bike. This no frills bike perfectly captures what is so great about working out in your home: it is quiet, effective, cheap, and conducive to a great work out.

The parts the bike is made of are top quality, the price tag is bargain bin, and the manufacturer works well with their customers. If you need an option for those days that are just a little too cold for outdoor biking then give this model a shot!