Mongoose Impasse

Mongoose Impasse Suspension Bicycle Review

When shopping for a mountain bike you are going to be looking for a blend of different powers and features. Mountain bikes are by far our favorite style of ride and the ones that feature dual suspension setups are even better.

Today we are going to discuss one of our favorite, sporty, little mountain bikes on the market: the Mongoose Impasse Suspension Bicycle. This monstrous mountain bike is filled with features, high-quality components, and an incredibly solid build.

If that description doesn’t sell you on the bicycle then keep on reading and dig into our review.

A Mountain Bike with a Solid Foundation

As you start shopping for a mountain bike you are going to have to make one thing very clear: you are going to need something that can withstand a ton of damage, some rough riding, while still being able to handle you learning to use it. When you shop for mountain bikes in this price range you are going to stumble across a ton of junk — and we do mean junk.

Fortunately, Mongoose is one of the most reputable companies on the market and their Mongoose Impasse is a terrific example as to why they’ve been so successful. Really, in our opinion, getting a good mountain bike comes down to the quality of the build.

So the Mongoose Impasse is built to last thanks to an aluminum bodied build that maximizes on strength while minimizing on drag and discomfort. The Impasse is lightweight but durable with a full-bodied frame that even sports rear shock suspension. When it comes to the different mountain bikes that you are likely to come across, most of them will be stiff in the middle.

The Mongoose Impasse comes with a suspension fork that gives you the ability to gently guide your ride down the trails while keeping in control. You are definitely going to be dealing with busted paths, holes, bumps, and unsteady routes so you are going to need something that can move on a dime with your needs.

Mongoose Impasse Components

No matter how solidly your bike is built you probably won’t want to keep riding if the components are garbage. Even on their lower priced models, like the Impasse, Mongoose makes sure to keep ahead of the pack with high-quality equipment.

First, we’ll look at the 21 speed rear Shimano derailleur that allows you to easily shift gears while on the go. If you’ve read anything we’ve written then you’ll know how much we appreciate high-quality Shimano components.

Shimano shifting gears are as good as they get in the industry, especially in this price range, and the SRAM on this bike should have you moving as you need.

Now we can look at the brakes both front and rear. The brakes on the Mongoose Impasse are alloy disc brakes which are fairly high quality and designed to stay out of the way. These brakes give you enough stopping ‘oomph’ that you shouldn’t feel in any danger while taking on some gnarlier trails.

You won’t need to slam on your brakes because these ones are actually pretty responsive.

With that said, make sure you tighten your brakes before you hit the trails in order to match them to your comfort. We also suggest being careful the first time you try wet or icy conditions. Even the best of brakes can fail under those conditions.

Finally, we are going to talk about the big bad wheels on the Mongoose Impasse. The Mongoose Impasse is what we call a 29er which means that it supports 29″ alloy wheels. These wheels give you the most surface response for the road which allows you to gain the most amount of traction possible.

These wheels have solid tread out of the box and they were picked by Mongoose so that you could take on those rougher trails. With all of that being said, your wheels are typically the first thing that you will end up replacing after purchasing a bicycle. That probably won’t change with the Mongoose Impasse — especially if you plan to ride as hard as we expect you to.

Assembling the Mongoose Impasse

Any bicycle is only as good as the assembly process. We wouldn’t want to have to go to a bike shop in order to get our bicycle put together and neither should you. The Mongoose Impasse comes in a single box when you order it on the internet. You’ll have to attach the handlebars and the front tire as well as configure your own brakes. Still, the entire bike is lightweight and assembly should take you no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

Here are some great YouTube videos showing how it all goes together.

With that being said, make sure to take some extra time to tune the bike to your specifications — especially if you are a first-time mountain bike rider. There is no reason to create problems in the future when they can be avoided today.

A Few Final Thoughts

Mongoose makes high-quality bikes at an affordable rate and their Impasse fits right into that category. The Mongoose Impasse is a full suspension bike that can be used on all sorts of different terrains.

We like that it is easy to assemble, sports Shimano components, and is lightweight and durable.

What more is there to like?

If you are looking for a low priced mountain bike then this is definitely the bicycle for your needs.