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Schwinn Protocol Dual Suspension Mountain Bike Review

When you first start shopping for a mountain bike you are going to be almost dazed by the options presented to you. There are hundreds of different companies all shilling their own specific kind of bike that looks just a little bit similar to the next one on the list. We figured that we would cut through all of the noise and present you with one of our favorite mountain bike options on the market: the Schwinn Protocol Dual Suspension Mountain Bike.

Without any further deliberation let’s jump right into the review in order to show you why this is a great starter bike for mountain trail riding.

Schwinn Protocol is a Powerful Package

When you first look at this bike what are you seeing? What we see is a powerful little machine that was built to last by a company that knows how to manufacture high-quality products. Schwinn is as entwined in mountain bike riding as the trails themselves. The Schwinn Protocol is a perfect little monster for hitting the trails, especially if you don’t mind growing out of your bike and into something a little higher in quality.

The first thing we’ll talk about with the Schwinn Protocol is that it is built out of aluminum for the frame. The rear is steel and the entire bike weighs in at close to 35 lbs as a whole. This is a hefty little bike that looks like it can take a beating and definitely seems like it will take some harsh abuse as you focus on getting your mountain trail legs under you. While the frame of the bicycle is definitely strong and well crafted, it is hand welded, after all, that isn’t the primary draw in terms of power.

In fact, the primary reason you are probably looking at this bike is that it is a dual suspension mountain bike. Having a dual suspension system means that your bike is going to be much more flexible on different terrain than other comparably priced bikes in this genre. A dual suspension system just makes things so much easier and that’s why we advocate for this bike over many others. But, okay, that isn’t all there is to the Schwinn Protocol Dual Suspension Mountain Bike. Let’s move on with our review.

Protocol’s Quality Components

Alright, so we are at the part of the review that every bike/gear head needs to pay attention to: the components list. The Schwinn Protocol is a lower priced mountain bike which means that it is affordable for a reason. Still, don’t believe for a second that Schwinn packaged up a bike with trash components. Outside of the 18″ aluminum frame, you have some high-quality Shimano Altus shifting gears — 24 speeds to be exact. You also have Pro Max disc brakes for your front end, situated under your 26-inch wheels. These brakes are good enough to get you going but if there is a place to upgrade this would probably be it.

For most advanced riders they will end up changing out all of their stock components for something higher in quality before they hit the slopes. As you saw above, that probably won’t be necessary — especially because most cyclists in this price range are pretty close to their beginning stages. Besides, the SR Suntour Dual Suspension system does wonders in keeping your bike in tip-top shape. We will reiterate, however, that if you ARE going to do any replacements before you hit the trails then focus on your tires and brakes. You can get some high-quality tires for the same price as this entire bicycle. So weigh that in before you go shopping.

Assembling a Schwinn Protocol

When you order the Schwinn Protocol from the internet you will get a box that weighs in close to 40 or 45 lbs. The great thing about the Schwinn Protocol Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is that it comes basically ready to ride out of the package. When you get the box shipped to you the bike will be essentially already built. All you need to do is attach the pedals, attach your front tire, and adjust the handlebars to your desired setting.

The included manual covers how to do that and it’s quite easy.  Once you’ve done that you can test the brakes and shifters to make sure they are to your comfort level and you are ready to hit the paths. We do want to take a moment to make sure to tell you to make sure everything is nice and tight before you hit the paths, especially if this is your first mountain bike. Assembly shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes if you have all of the components handy.

A Few Final Thoughts

When you are shopping for a mountain bike in this price range you are essentially looking for something that will handle the trails and stay in one piece. This is not a luxury mountain bike but it is one that a beginning cyclist can really learn the ropes on. The Schwinn Protocol 2.0 Dual Suspension Mountain Bike is a powerful little machine that can take a beating while still leaving you room to upgrade in the future. For the price and this brand name, you can’t do any better.