suction cup bike rack

Best Suction Cup Bike Racks Reviewed 2017

Purchasing a bicycle comes with its own set of challenges. As a bike owner, you’ll have to have storage, upkeep, supplies and even transportation gear to get your bike from one place to the next.

Now if you have a truck or larger SUV then might not need to worry about where you toss your bike. Yet if you want to transport your bike in a smaller vehicle you will need some help.

Many people choose to purchase invasive bike racks that are a pain to install and can potentially damage your car or your bicycle. Then there is the issue of where to store the bike rack when it’s not in use.

Instead of dealing with these cumbersome and expensive metal racks, we have a different alternative. We want to introduce you to the suction cup bike rack.

What type of bike rack options are there?

Before we dig into how great suction cup bike racks are, let’s take a moment to look at a few common rack options.

Hitch Mount
hitch mount bike rackThis style of mount is installed onto the back hitch of your vehicle. Hitch mount bike racks come in a variety of different sizes and styles and the larger ones can hold up to four bikes. You also have the option of getting an arm supported hitch mount which is slightly different from the basic mount. Arm supported mounts extend the back of your vehicle the width of your bikes.

Roof Mount
roof mount bike rackThese are probably the most common bike racks you’ll see on the highway for smaller vehicles. If your car has a roof over 5′ then the rack will create too much vertical height for comfortable usage. In any event, roof racks use an array of crossbars to latch your bike into place. You’ll likely need help getting your bike up there.

Trunk Mount
trunk bike rackThis is a lightweight mount in the vein of the roof mount, though not as hard to install. This is a solid option for shorter cyclists who can’t bank on tall friends to help load their bike onto the roof. Expect to use an array of nylon straps and rubber holding gear to get your bike installed. These are great options for those do not have a hitch installed and for people do not want to deal with a roof mounted hitch.

So what is a suction cup mount, and why consider it?

So a suction cup bike rack is just a bike rack that keeps everything as simple as possible by using, you guessed it, suction cups. These suction cups are resistant to both harsh sunlight and extreme weather and they keep their hold on glass and metal. The big upside of using a suction cup bike rack is that you can install and un-install them in mere minutes on any part of your vehicle, though the manufacturers suggest your roof or your back window.

seasucker roof mount
SeaSucker attached as a suction cup bike roof rack.


seasucker rear mount
Exact same suction cup bike rack attached to the rear of the vehicle.

While suction cup mounts are still relatively new in the bike market there are already a few quality options to consider.

SeaSucker Talon Bicycle Rack

If you need an easy to install, single bike rack but don’t want to deal with any of the hassle in the styles we listed above — turn to SeaSucker.

SeaSucker is leading the charge in getting suction cup racks into the market. The Talon Bicycle Rack is perfect for the single bike owner who needs a temporary hold to get to their favorite riding place.

This model will attach to any kind of vehicle via its vacuum mounts. There are three total mounts and a fork clamp to keep your bike hugged to the unit. Each mount is rated at 200 lbs. This is a quality mount that’s an easy introduction to the style.

SeaSucker Hornet Bicycle Rack

The Hornet is another quality suction cup mount by the SeaSucker brand. The Hornet is essentially a two piece rack that can fit in a small handbag when it is disassembled.

Coined as the ‘smallest bike rack in the world’, the Hornet is ideal for SUVs, vans, and jeeps. Attach the individual cups on your back window and utilize their vacuum power to hold up any bicycle that weighs in at under 35 lbs. Each suction cup is rated at 120 lbs of pull strength and they are both in full usage as you don’t have to remove your front tire for this style.

Use the pump-action technique to get the mount on secure and spend you will spend just under a minute disassembling the entire unit. Not bad for the individual rider who has a lighter bike and doesn’t want to climb up their vehicle.