Takara Sugiyama Road Bike

Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike Review

When it comes time to hit the road you want to know that your method of travel is safe, comfortable, affordable and efficient. For inner city residents and even those in smaller towns, commuter bikes make an awesome way to get around without having to deal with traditional traffic and all of the other issues that come along with motor vehicles. This may not sound like a great reason to forgo driving a car but it can be!

Riding a bicycle can improve your health, mood, and bank account. So if you plan to hit the road on your bicycle then it is probably pretty important that you do the research and find yourself on the right bike. Let’s take a look at one of the top entry level bikes on the market for serious cyclists, the Takara Sugiyama flat bar fixie. We’ll discuss the benefits of a fixie bike as well as the pros and cons of this specific model.

What is a fixie?

Before you spend any money on a bicycle you would be better off knowing exactly what you are buying into. A lot of terms get thrown around in the hobbyist world of cycling and it can be easy to get pretty confused. One style of bicycle that is rising in popularity all over the world, and predominantly with young riders, is the fixed gear bicycle otherwise known as the fixie.

A fixed gear bicycle is unique in that it does not possess a freewheel mechanism. Most bikes have these mechanisms because it allows you to quit pedaling and coast while you ride. This is not so with the fixed gear models. On a fixed gear bike, you need to constantly be pedaling forward in order to stay in a fixed state of motion.

Why would I purchase a fixie?

If you looked at the definition of a fixie, as listed above, you would be hard pressed to understand why you should opt for such a style. The truth is that fixed gear bicycles are not for everyone. A fixed gear bicycle is trimmed down of features and incredibly simple. It’s a frame with a chain and handle bars. You get on a ride and that’s that.

While you don’t have the added benefits of gear shifters or freewheel mechanisms, you have the added benefit of a lack of upkeep. These sort of bicycles can last much longer than the more complicated styles out there. So really there is a give and take reason to pursue the fixie. Even though it is simplistic in function and style it is far from that in terms of value.

The Takara Sugiyama at a glance.

A brief glance at the Takara Sugiyama will reveal a bike that almost stands on its own as a minimalist piece of art. It is sleek, smooth and futuristic looking.

The color scheme of the black and blue version of the bike is pleasing to the eyes and reminds us of something out of a Philip K. Dick novel. Our eyes get dragged to the flat handlebar and 700cc x 32in tires. The pedals are emblazoned with their own reflectors and these reflectors match the color tone of the rest of the bike. In short, this is a pretty good-looking bike. And why wouldn’t you want that?

Your means of transportation are just an extension of the life you are leading, so avoid getting a bike that makes you feel awkward while riding around. Fortunately, you shouldn’t have any problems while riding the Sugiyama unless you have something against stylish and simple looking bikes.

The Sugiyama is a pure riding experience.

Fixed gear purists call their style of riding ‘becoming one with the road’ and for good reason. As a fixed gear cyclist you will feel every bit of road that your tires cover. It isn’t an uncomfortable experience, at least not on the Sugiyama. Instead, it is more of a revelatory one.

Riding the Sugiyama gives you a smooth and plugged in feeling while you are riding. You can’t coast and you can’t really take your eyes off the road–but that’s okay! For some people biking is just an exercise and that is totally fine, but for others it is a full mind and body experience. Thanks to the premium components that the Sugiyama uses, including the alloy wheels and handcrafted steel frame, you’ll never forget that you are riding in luxury.

Simple to put together and maintain.

Buying a bike is a lot like buying a car, at least in a few important ways. Only when you buy a bike you don’t normally have a class of education behind you in order to understand everything. So with that said many people are understandably a bit nervous about busting their bike, putting it together wrong, or even watching as it falls apart due to poor maintenance.

While there are obviously very real concerns in regards to taking care of your bike, there is nothing about the Sugiyama that should really stress you out. Unboxing the bike and assembling it should take no longer than half of an hour of your time.

Most of the installation can be done with the gear shipped to you in the box along with a wrench. As far as upkeep of the bike goes the most you’ll probably have to worry about in your first year or so is the stock tires and this depends on how much you plan on riding.

If you are putting hundreds of miles on the bike every week then definitely keep a set of spares on hand, otherwise just enjoy your ride and address problems as they crop up.

The perfect urban rider.

If you need a bike that will keep you focused on the road and ready to weave in and out of traffic and people then the Sugiyama is perfect for you. We find that fixed gear bicycles are a wonderful choice for the inner city commuters who want to add a bit of exercise to their morning commute.

That isn’t to say that the Sugiyama suffers in a small town environment because it doesn’t. The facts are that no matter where you go with this bike you will find a comfortable ride waiting ahead of you.

The Sugiyama is a total package.

The brightest thing we can say about the Takara Sugiyama is that it is a complete bicycle. From installation to hitting the road there is nothing that the bike does not impress with.

The components are well made, the bike looks great, and the company behind it sticks by their customers. If you are a novice rider or even a cyclist in need of a backup bike then give the Sugiyama a chance.

While the bike only costs a fraction ($250) of some of the premium bicycle options, it still can hold up in the best of circumstances.