Vilano Edge Fixed Gear

Vilano Edge Single Speed Bike Review

The Vilano Edge Single Speed / Fixie Bike

Let’s dive into one of the most popular fixed speed models on the market: The Vilano Edge Single Speed Bike. This bike can operate as a Single Speed bike or as a Fixie thanks to it’s flip-flop hub. This bicycle is made by Vilano and one of the most popular single speed models on the road today. Why is it so popular? Let’s take a look!

A stylish look for a great bike.

The first thing that most buyers of the Vilano Edge bike realize is that it is really as good as it looks on the package. This stylish urban bike has 45MM anodized wheels with matching hubs. The 7 different color combinations that are available are striking and they tend to grab the eye. Now most people don’t really care about what the bike looks like but seeing as you will be riding it in public it is nice to have an attractive one all the same. The quality of the bike goes far past its general appearance though.

High quality components keep longevity in mind.

Flip Flop Hub allows it to be a Fixie or Single Speed Bike… your option.
Crank Set
The Vilano Edge has a forged alloy crankset, an 1/8th inch KMC chain, and 45mm deep V style hubs.
Caliper Brakes
The brakes are solid alloy, same as the handlebars, and the seat post is completely sturdy.





Riser Style Handle Bars
Riser Style Handle Bars

Most beginner bikes sort of imply that you will need to replace some key components before really enjoying your ride. This is not the case with the Vilano Edge. This is the sort of bike that you can unbox, assemble, and get riding.

You’ll see that this bicycle utilizes a 700c frame made of hi-tensile steel. The bike has a little bit of heft to it but it is still light, all things considered.

Taking a ride never felt so smooth.

With urban fixed gear style bicycles the goal is to create a smooth and stable riding experience. Being that the bike is intended for single speed usage you should anticipate riding over pretty vanilla terrain to get the most out of the bike.

I’ve found that when the bicycle is used on the terrain it is meant for, urban sprawls, it accelerates easy and brakes with smooth panache. The levers and calipers hold up well and the gearing keeps you moving smoothly. The ride quality, along with the comfort of the seat, makes for an enjoyable experience and this is the primary reason that Vilano has become so popular.

The Vilano bicycles are not geared toward the uber elite cyclists. They are made for people who want to ride, not study specifications..

A few notes on unboxing.

Unless you plan to wheel this bike out of the store, already set up, then you will likely be assembling the creature yourself. The Vilano Edge comes in two or three boxes, when bought online, and is relatively easy to set up.

While it helps to have a working understanding of bicycles and their mechanics you will still be able to put this bike together by following the instructions. There are online videos that specialize in helping out bike installations. Make sure that you have a toolbox with you as you will be required to tighten a few different pieces on the bicycle.

Are there any downsides to the Vilano Edge?

Even the best of bicycles will possess a few negative points to it. The Vilano Edge does not have the best tires available on the frame and part of the reason is due to the cheap price of the bike. You will probably need to replace them after about a year of hard riding.

Knowing that it is a cheap bike may lead you to instead just stash the stock tires in exchange for buying new ones right at the get go. This is up to you and what you want to get out of your bike.

A few other quick points to pay attention to include lubing the chain when you first set it up, pay attention to the brake pads during installation. The brake pads look similar but are different styles so you’ll want to be careful when installing them.

The chain doesn’t come lubed which could cause a few issues down the line but it’s not a big deal. Finally, you may want to consider eventually getting a new bicycle saddle. The one that the Vilano Edge comes with works and is alright for short rides but it tends to feel pretty cheap during longer excursions. This is a cheap and quick fix that you will appreciate each time you ride the bike.

A closing summary of the Vilano Edge.

The Vilano Edge Single Speed bike can easily fill the needs of entry-level cyclists and experts alike. Whether you want to dive into the hobby of biking or you want something a little cheaper to ride around town, instead of your $1,000 models, the Vilano Edge definitely fills a need.

The bike is the perfect amalgamation of quality, efficiency, and cost-effective parts. While the fixed gear style of bike is only really applicable to certain situations, it really excels at what it does. You won’t be able to really take this puppy off-road but you will still knock out any sort of city riding with relative ease.

This is the perfect bike for urban exploration, commuting, and relaxing rides around the neighborhood. Avoid those $1,000 bicycles and get your feet wet with this affordable bike model first!