9 Best Balance Bike for Kids

balance-bikeIf you can find the best balance bike for your child, she’ll be riding along with the big kids in no time at all. A balance bike is a two-wheeled bicycle without any pedals. The child walks it at first, and when she gets a bit braver, she glides along with her feet in the air, balancing on the two wheels.

The idea behind these bikes is that when it comes to learning to ride a bicycle, it’s not the pedaling that’s the hard part. It’s the balance.

Bikes with training wheels let your child ride around quickly, but when you take off the training wheels, there’s still a learning curve involved.

strider balance bikeWith a balance bike, the child learns the hard part first, so transitioning to a regular bike with pedals becomes a lot easier. It’s the best toddler bike to start with.

Top 9 Best Balance Bikes Reviewed

1. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

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After examining nine balance bikes, it is clear that Strider is the best choice for external use. This trendy model is one of the most expensive balance bikes on the market. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bikes Ages 18 months to 5 years NEW THE STRIDER FAMILY – Meet the bike that set the world on fire and revolutionized the way kids ride bikes. Kids as young as yours are experiencing the thrill of riding without training wheels before the diapers are gone. Grow with your child – Adjust the seat height and handlebar height to accommodate ages from 18 months to 5 years. The mini-grip means that your child’s little gloves can easily take control. This bike gives you the most bang for your buck, it’s more than just a riding toy, put aside the boring specs and it’s… 44; This bike introduces freedom to children… 44; The power of… 44 and the responsibility of riding. Now they have the power to keep up with you when you’re out and about. …… .44; experiencing incredible freedom. Years of Play – We know that kids put themselves to tough tests. With a durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires, the 12Sport, means you won’t have to worry about damage or maintenance, and you won’t run out of kids’ bikes in a few months. But if you want to settle for a decent balance bike to save a little money, take a look at balance bikes.See more on Amazon…

2. GOMO Balance Bikeootrest

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For cyclists, GOMO has proven to offer great performance. THE HOTTEST BALANCE BIKE, LIKE A BIG KIDS BICYCLE! Remember your first little kids bike? It had to be light enough to drag, but strong enough for those frustrating moments when you threw it to the ground. It had to be safe, but of course it had to look good too! Safety first: Children’s bicycles come with turn limiters to give them more control while they develop their steering skills. Custom footrests allow them to safely position their feet while riding fast for the first time. The padded seat allows kids to hit their first little bumps on the ground without rocking, while the wheel axle prevents the wheels from falling off; and is stable to grow with! To ride like big kids, there are spills along the way. That’s why GOMO bicycles are made with a light and sturdy steel frame. The adjustable seat height allows it to grow from 18 months to 5 years old, and it supports weights up to 60 pounds. The 14.6 T-bar with GOMO-specific grips is easy for little hands to grip, and the 12 heavy-duty foam wheels can be dragged along gravel roads without getting a flat tire. Available in four color combinations in two different shades, choose the one you think is the coolest! GOMO also comes with a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty. GOMO is the most famous balance bike in the world! See more on Amazon…

3. Strider Classic Balance Bike

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Wahl is one of the major contenders for balance bikes because they have reasonably priced and very durable products. LEARN TO RIDE – The Strider 12 Classic is a great no frills option for those who want to jump in the pool but aren’t ready to ride. Option. The low-budget Strider 12 Classic is equipped with non-flat tires that can withstand muddy puddles and heavy riding. GROWS WITH YOUR CHILD – Seat and handlebar heights are adjusted to accommodate children from 18 months to 3 years old, or 12 17-inch crotches; DESIGNED FOR SMALLER KIDS – Weighing only 6.7 pounds, the 12 Classic push bike is perfect for your little boy or girl will find it easy to ride and stride. The built-in footrest is great for developing balance and gliding. Years of Play – We know that children put things through rigorous tests. The durable 12 Classics steel frame and puncture-proof tires mean no worries about damage or maintenance, and the adjustable handlebars and seatpost allow the bike to grow with your child. It’s not just mountain play – to help your child grow into a great rider and an impressive human being, Strider has made riding guides available online when you register your child. Be your little rebel’s biggest cheerleader with the best bike out there. The owners say that Strider is one of the best choices out there.See more on Amazon…

4. Yvolution Balance-Bike

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If you like to learn, you will benefit from Yvolution. It’s more than just a bike – it can help your kids learn the first essential skills needed to ride a bike. y Velo Junior allows them to practice on two stable wheels before switching to one to build confidence. goodbye training wheels. Balance bikes help children up to 18 months get ready for cycling without the use of training wheels before they get on a training bike at age 3 or 4. 3-wheel design provides stability for beginners who have trouble balancing. Brake Style: Affordable and attractive, U-brakes are a solid investment.See more on Amazon…

5. Retrospec Cricket Baby Walker Balance Bike

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We understand: you’re on a budget and want the best balance bike under $50 to get the most for your money. The RetroSpec Cricket is designed for toddlers 12 to 24 months of age to develop the motor skills needed to walk and eventually ride a bike; it is sturdy, comfortable and safe. The cricket design keeps your child’s feet in constant contact with the ground to maintain control of speed, stop and movement. The non-slip wheels prevent scratches on the ground and provide a sure grip both inside and out. The Cricket is 95% assembled straight out of the box, maximum rider weight: 44 lbs/20 kg The retro specs have been well received by those who have purchased it.See more on Amazon…

6. Radio Flyer Air Ride Balance Bike

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Radio Flyer entered the rocker bike market and has since become known for its high quality design and workmanship.BIG BICYCLE FOR BEGINNERS: The Air Ride Balance Bike is a pedal-less beginner bike that allows young children to focus on balance. As they learn to walk, slide, and run, this balance bike helps them develop their coordination. The sound of the bell also contributes to the fun: rubber tires: 12 rubber tires provide a smooth ride on any terrain. The white walls also add to this classic design. ADJUSTABLE SEAT: The tool-free adjustable seat grows with your child from 1.5 years old.FRAME GRIP TAPE: The frame grip tape gives riders a place to put their feet while sliding. The frame is lightweight and durable, ensuring years of fun. Assembled dimensions are 34.3L x 15.8W x 23.6H and recommended for children from 1.5 to 5 years old. Maximum load capacity 50 lbs. After using it for a while, I have no doubt that the bike equationSee more on Amazon…

7. Banana LT Balance Bike

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Banana bike entered the balance bike market and has since become known for its design and workmanship. Banana Bikes for Maximum Fun – With its original banana bike frame design, low center of gravity, easy to ride frame design and light weight (only 6.4 lbs), the Banana bike LT is the ideal training bike for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds to enjoy outdoor adventures. New ultra-comfortable and durable premium seat, wide padded bar ends and new extra secure grips, quick release clamp for easy seat adjustment, new ultra-lightweight puncture proof EVA wheels with improved traction, durable bearings for fast spinning New axle configuration for faster turning on durable bearings, new unique dual bearing headset for super smooth steering, safe and child resistant hexagonal handlebar lock clamps, new greener and stronger powder coating. Full Warranty – The Banana Bike LT is made with the highest quality parts (not to be confused with cheap knockoffs) and comes with a full warranty and incredible customer support. No matter what problems you have with your bike, we’re here to help, and our excellent reviews are proof of that. FLEXIBLE SIZE FOR GROWING RIDERS – The seat height of the Banana Bike LT can be adjusted from just 12.2 to 15 with a simple quick release mechanism. The Banana Bike LT is designed with children in mind and is lightweight and ergonomically designed. Banana non-pedal bikes are far superior to scooters, tricycles, and starter bikes with stabilizers. After using it for a while, I was convinced that the Banana balance bike could run with the big boys.See more on Amazon…

8. BABY JOY Baby Balance Bikes

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Ever since Baby Joy entered the balance bike market, it has become known for its design and workmanship. Develops balance ability: It not only trains baby’s balance ability, but also promotes the development of leg muscles as well as the coordination of baby’s limbs. It is easy for babies to learn how to ride and gradually become more confident and independent; Solid and stable frame: The balance bike uses high quality steel for the frame, which is durable and will not deform easily; The four-wheel frame and widened rear wheels provide an overall stable structure. The four-wheel frame and widened rear wheels provide overall stability. The pedal-less design improves balance and allows baby to move smoothly. The shock-absorbing, low-noise EVA wheels are ideal for protecting the ground on both indoor and outdoor roads. And the safe riding limit of 135 can prevent accidental falls caused by fast riding; High quality and reliable material: Our balance bike is certified by ASTM and has smooth and burr-free surface for safer riding. 9 months to 24 months This toy is perfect for babies and can be used as a first birthday gift for your child. It will make your baby fall in love with the bike; Easy to assemble and carry: thanks to the modular design, you can install it successfully in a short time according to the instructions. Light and compact, it is not only easy to carry, but also takes up little space when stored. If the bike accidentally gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a damp cloth. After using it for a while, I am convinced that the Baby Joy rocking bike can run with the big boys.See more on Amazon…

9. Bixe Pro Balance Bike

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You won’t find a better balanced bike for under $75. Best Way to Learn to Ride – Balance bikes provide a safe and quick way to learn to ride by allowing your child to master balance and steering first in a distraction-free way. Once they are able to glide over the balance bike, riding the balance bike becomes easier. Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the bike or with the results, please contact us. We will buy back 100% of your balance bike, with a 100% guarantee, and we will repair or replace any defective parts. Safety – We offer the best balance bikes at a fair price and make sure that each bike is built with your child’s safety in mind. All clamps are tamper proof, both wheels are equipped with safety washers, and each frame is built to far exceed the weight of larger children. DESIGNED FOR ALL KIDS – This balance bike is perfect for kids who are just starting to ride a bike, kids with special needs or challenges, and experienced riders who enjoy testing their limits. The wheels are securely attached and ready to ride. Just slide the seat and handlebars into the correct position for your child, hold them with the included key, inflate the tires, and you’re done. There is no other balance bike that offers so much learning for so little money.See more on Amazon…

These days, there are several brands of balance bikes to choose from.

Stider is undoubtedly one of the most popular, and it’s the brand we ultimately went with for our little girl due to its small size.

The famous Radio Flyer brand also has a balance bike model in the classic red color.

If you’re interested in the wooden bikes, consider the Classic Balance Bike by Smart Gear or the model produced by Scuut.

Balance Bike Height

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking at balance bikes for your child is the seat height from the ground. In order to comfortably ride the bike, your child needs to be able to put his feet flat on the ground. Measure your child’s inseam from the crotch to the ground and compare that with the seat height.

Wooden balance bikes like the tend to have higher seats than the metal bikes and may not be a good fit for young children. My daughter was 18 months old and short for her age when she started on a balance bike, so this was a big concern for us. The Strider Classic allowed us to go low enough to accommodate her small size.

It’s important to note that balance bikes don’t come with brakes. They rely on the child using his feet to stop the bike. This makes getting the right height especially important. If your child can only use the bike by standing on his toes, it will be more difficult to stop. For this reason, especially, make sure that you purchase a bike that he can use with his feet flat.

Balance Bike Wheels

Balance bikes either have hard plastic wheels or rubber wheels filled with air. In my experience, the plastic wheels are more common because it reduces the overall weight of the bike. In theory, these plastic wheels could break or crack from repeated use, but this hasn’t been a problem for us after two years of average use on the driveway or at the park. However, if your child will be riding over rocky terrain, there may be more serious damage to these types of plastic tires.

The rubber wheels might be a better choice for your family if your child is likely to be riding in the dirt or somewhere that would require more traction. The rubber wheels have grooves that give them better grip. Consider this style if you live near an unpaved road or might be taking the bike to a BMX race track along with an older sibling.

Balance Bike Weight

Little ones aren’t particularly strong, so the weight of the balance bike should be something you consider. Ideally, you’ll want a bike that’s lightweight, so that your toddler or preschooler can easily move it from place to place and pick it up when she’s ready to go.

Additionally, even the most coordinated of young riders is going to have the occasional fall, which means that the bike is undoubtedly going to land on her at least once. A lighter bike is less likely to hurt her and it will be easier for her to push off if it falls on her.

Carefully compare the weight of the bikes you’re considering. The metal-frame bikes would seem to be more lightweight than the wooden varieties, and this is certainly true of the Strider, which comes in at less than nine pounds. However, it isn’t always the case.

For example, the wooden Skuut balance bike weighs almost 10 pounds, but the metal-frame Schwinn bike weighs almost 14 pounds.

Colors and Styles

Despite all of your research, your child is likely to care more about what the bike looks like than all of the other features. Metal-frame bikes certainly offer the most variety. They look most like traditional bikes, so your child will feel like he’s one of the big kids. They also come in a variety of colors, from pink to blue to green.

Wooden varieties have a more natural look, though, and that might be a better fit for your family’s lifestyle. If you can, allow your child to have some input. You may be surprised by the one he picks.

Aside from the overall look, the placement, and availability of a footrest vary from bike to bike. You’ll find that some balance bikes, like the Vilano Ripper, have a footrest situated in the middle. Others, like the Strider models, have a smaller footrest located in the back. Most of the wooden varieties don’t have a footrest at all. Each of these has its own benefits. It’s all about what feels most comfortable for your child.

No matter which type you decide is the best balance bike for your family, your child is sure to be delighted. Remember to be safe, though. The bikes may seem too little to cause serious damage, but you still want to make sure your child is protected. A quality helmet will keep her little head safe from the usual bumps that will occur as she learns to ride.