Best Mechanical & Digital Bicycle Speedometers – 2022

It seems simple enough, you want to know how fast you’re riding your bike. So, what is the best bicycle speedometer? Well, it depends on what you have in mind. When it comes to bicycle speedometers, you can go with a traditional dial gauge, an electronic bike computer or a cell phone app.  I cover the good and bad on each to help you decide for yourself.

Classic Bike Speedometers

Old school bike speedometers offer traits that greatly differ from its rivals. First thing is its classic good looks. It is the perfect accessory for a vintage or classic style bike such as a beach cruiser.

Top 10 Best Bike Computers Reviewed

1. VGEBY1 Bicycle Computer Mechanical Bike Speedometer

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VGEBY1 Bicycle Computer Mechanical Bike Speedometer is the best mechanical speedometer for checking speed. The price tag is warranted thanks to some advanced features. Durable and accurate, made of high-quality metal, it is an indispensable bicycle accessory for bicycle enthusiasts. It can display the value of single mileage and total mileage, and the knob on the left side of the bicycle computer can clear your single mileage. It is suitable for 26-inch, 27.5-inch, 28-inch and 29-inch bicycles.See more on Amazon…

2. Kqiang Retro General Waterproof Bicycle Mechanical Speedometer

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Big in size, Easy To Read, Easy to read. No reset button. The Kqiang will turn to 0 When The Mileage Reaches 9999.9 To Start Over. Easy to install, simple Installation Only Takes A Few Minutes. No need for Batteries and Adjustment Setting. Lifetime warranty for this item against manufacturer defect.See more on Amazon…

3. VGEBY Odometer Mechanical Bicycle Speedometer

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Power and endurance don’t come in a bulky package. Easy to install and easy to use. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The VGEBY is a pure mechanical bike computer, has good quality and has accurate data, and a great accessory for outdoor cycling.See more on Amazon…

4. HGC Resettable Speedometer

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It fits for 26 wheels. Chrome bezel old school style bicycle speedometer. Classic style fits general bike and exercycle. Left or right mountable, resettable. Waterproof (Not water immersion)See more on Amazon…

5. Huairdum Bike Waterproof Speedometer

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Bike Mechanical Odometer is durable, waterproof, and suitable for all weathers. Easy to install and easy to carry. Allows you to quickly know the total mileage, single mileage, MPH data. The reset button can help you quickly clear the current data. Price is surprising for this middle of the road mechanical speedometer.  See more on Amazon…

6. Dilwe Mechanical Speedometer

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Dilwe mechanical speedometer is made of durable aluminum alloy. It works for 26/27.5/28/29-inch bikes only, be sure to check your bike size before you buy it. It is easy to install, easy to do by yourself without any effort, and suitable for 26-29.5 inch bikes.See more on Amazon…

7. LVOERTUIG Mechanical Speedometer

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Easy installation and simple operation, it’s precise and always indicates accurate data for drivers. The waterproof and anti-shock function can be useful, suitable for most kinds of surroundings. It can be hung on the left or right side of the bicycle and can be reset. A good bicycle stopwatch provides an odometer clock and speedometer function, more useful.See more on Amazon…

8. JahyShow Retro Waterproof Bicycle Mechanical Speedometer

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JahyShow has entered the best mechanical speedometer market and is well known for its design and workmanship quality. This is a very classic style bicycle speedometer. After using it for a while, I did not doubt that the JahyShow is a winner.See more on Amazon…

9. MAGT Bike Speedometer Bicycle Odometer

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Mechanical odometer, no battery requires, easy to use, precise measurement. With a reset knob, swivel it to make the data clear. Made of good quality materials, sturdy and durable, waterproof, suitable for all weathers to use. Suitable for 26in, 27.5in, 28in, 29in bikes. Easy to install. The main purpose is to let you know the total mileage, single mileage, MPH.See more on Amazon…

10. IMIKEYA Bicycle Mechanical Speedometer

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Small, lightweight, and high-sensitivity of this bicycle universal circular mechanical code table. Tracks your time, distance, speed, location, and calories burned. Includes courses feature which lets you challenge your times on previous rides.See more on Amazon…

What makes a classic speedometer great is its simplicity. It doesn’t require power to show your speed, there are no complicated screens to navigate or batteries to charge or replace. It’s always “on” and ready to go. When you want to know how fast you are going, look down and there is your speed. That makes it the most reliable of all of the speedometers. Some of the better models feature an odometer as well.

The drawback to a mechanical speedometer is that the installation can be difficult. It does require removing the front wheel and attaching hardware to the hub. If you are comfortable with DIY bike repair and you’re mechanically inclined, you should be able to have it installed in under 30 minutes.

Aside from the more difficult installation, another important consideration is the size of the wheel the speedometer is rated for and the size of the wheel on your bike. Installing it on a wheel larger or smaller than it is rated for can result in an inaccurate reading.

Unfortunately, a dial speedometer is the most inaccurate of all bicycle speedometers. The faster you ride, the greater the inaccuracy. Overall they generally provide an acceptable reading, usually off by only a couple of miles per hour if at all. If you are looking for a simple and reliable speedometer, where accuracy, bells, and whistles don’t matter, this may be the best speedometer for you.

Digital Speedometers and Bike Computers

If you are looking for a highly accurate and feature rich speedometer solution, a bike computer may in your future.

Prices range from 10 dollars to hundreds of dollars all based off of brand names, screen type and size and capabilities of the unit.

Top 5 Best Bike Computers Reviewed

1. zwq Bicycle Odometer Wireless Waterproof Bike Speedometer

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When it comes to buying an awesome best digital speedometer, the Zwq is the popular choice. Zwq Bicycle Odometer Wireless Waterproof Bike Speedometer Atletica Sport Chest Strap ECG Accurate Measurement. The lightweight bicycle computer’s high-definition screen and large font numbers can confirm your riding data in time-don’t be distracted. The wireless waterproof design makes it more convenient and durable. With the quality design, craftsmanship, size, and durability, you would expect to see pricing on the higher end.See more on Amazon…

2. XINTO Premium Bicycle Odometer and Speedometer Wireless

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The XINTO an easy-to-handle, pro-grade product. Functions as a bicycle speedometer AND odometer, measuring both speed, distance, and riding time. A large LCD Display guarantees you can read your statistics easily. Small Size, Light Weight, Wireless & Waterproof design make it more convenient and durable. You will absolutely love this one as your new bike computer.See more on Amazon…

3. SOON GO Bike Speedometer Bicycle Speedometer Wireless

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SOONGO wireless bike computer records with average speed, maximum speed, current speed mph/kph, riding time, odometer, single trip distance. Waterproof & Widely Suitable. Suitable for most types of bicycles: common bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, almost all cycling bicycles with Spoke-Wheel frame. NOT suitable for solid wheels. As long as you can mount the computer display, sensor, and magnet within the specified distance device, it will work. Easy to install by following the guidance steps provided in the paper manual and a video. Large LCD with clear numbers, easy to read data, more safe and convenient while riding. The rattling sound is actually a normal phenomenon that results from the function shake to wake-up.See more on Amazon…

4. DREAM SPORT Bicycle Speedometer 16-Function Wired Bike Computer

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Large LCD, Clear Display, Small Size, Light Weight, and Waterproof designed bike computer make it easier and convenient to use while cycling. Wried anti-interference cycling computer is more accurate and reliable than wireless transmission. Basic 16 functions & two buttons to read your speed and odometer statistics easily. Road bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and other common bicycles are compatible with this bicycle computer. This bicycle computer MAY NOT be compatible with some electric-assist bicycles. If the sensor and magnet can be installed within the specified distances, the device should be fully compatible with these bicycles.See more on Amazon…

5. POSMA DB2 Bluetooth GPS Cycling Bike Computer Speedometer

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Integration of high precision GPS, Bluetooth4.0, and ANT wireless technology. With IOS and Android APP, You can connect DB2 with your iPhone/smartphone to upload workout data for training analysis. Ride all day and night with a high-resolution anti-glare display and LED backlight for the night ride. Long-lasting battery life – 25 hours battery life(backlight off) Support ANT sensors DB2 can work with ANT heart rate monitor, speed sensor, and cadence sensor. Metric and imperial unit conversion – support km (km) and mile (mph) display. IPX6 Water resistance Box includes DB2 cycling computer, micro USB cable, user manual, standard bike mount.See more on Amazon…

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