10 Best Bike Panniers Reviewed 2022

bicycle panniers

If you are looking to bring your stuff with you on bike rides, you have a few options. You could get a bike basket, a bike rack, or even wear a backpack. Even better, you could invest in a set of bike panniers.

Panniers are great for hauling gear on daily commutes such as gym or work clothes, water bottles, tire repair kits or bike pumps, rain gear, a laptop, or even a lunch. They also work great for grocery store runs and sure beat trying to hang the plastic bags over the handlebar grips, which can be dangerous. Some are even insulated like a cooler for food or drinks.

For the best experience, you’ll want the best bike pannier for your bicycle. Every serious and amateur cyclist needs a trusty bike pannier. Some of the best brands include ROCKBROS, Roswheel, Sahoo, Lixada, Vincita, WOTOW, Rhinowalk, LOVEVOOK, uramircle, and Ibera. Finding the perfect bike pannier on a budget can be a difficult task. Trust our experience and tips on how to choose the right one for you. Here are some great bike panniers to consider

Top 10 Best Bike Panniers And Rack Trunks Reviewed

1. ROCKBROS Bike Panniers

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ROCKBROS eBike Cargo Package includes a rear bike bag and a trunk bag. The backpack comes with an adjustable padded shoulder strap. Reflective straps on both side bags keep you safe in the dark. A divider for the bag’s main compartment keeps your camera or cell phone away from sharp objects such as keys and bike tools.

Anyone who has purchased this bike rack has had difficulty finding anything bad to say about it. The trunk bag makes it easy to attach and detach raincoats, gloves, umbrellas, repair supplies, tripods, etc. It’s perfect for hiking, picnics with friends, weekend trips, and commuting to and from work.See more on Amazon…

2. Roswheel Essential Series

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Roswheel trunk bag 141472 is one of the Essentials family. It’s built for daily commuting, traveling and biking.

Lightweight, lightweight and trendy. Super simple to mount with four quality Velcro belts and buckles. The side water bottle pocket has an elastic drawstring to secure your bottles.

Easy mount, and quick release.See more on Amazon…

3. Sahoo Bike Rack Pannier Bag

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This is one of the best made bicycle backpacks on the market today. Water resistant 1000D reinforced polyester fabric (270g). The updated newly designed 3 in 1 rear bike basket bag using customer feedback. Concise style, better material and larger capacity create a better bike bag for round trip, cycling or long trip. Modular 3 in 1 design with 2 large side bags, 1 removable top bag, additional string bag on the side bag and top bag, suitable for water bottles and other frequently used items. The top bag can also be used as a shoulder bag, shoulder strap included. As an iconic example of a versatile pannier, Sahoo has become an integral part of the Sahoo line.See more on Amazon…

4. Lixada Bicycle Rack Bag

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The other top scorer, the feature-filled Lixada. This bag includes a main compartment, 2 side pockets and a back pocket, 13L large capacity, large enough to keep your essentials well organized. The internal patch pocket makes the space effectively used. The reflective strip increases nighttime visibility and the hanger on the strip can hold a taillight which can also enhance cycling safety at night. Fastener strap for easy and quick installation on all types of bicycles with a rear seat, such as mountain bike, road bike, etc.

With a carrying handle and adjustable shoulder strap, the bag can be used as a handbag and shoulder bag. The elastic band on the top of the bag can help to keep your water bottle, clothes, or maps securely on the bag.

High-quality polyester material construction with a solid structure and PE cotton filler provide your items with full protection. Dual zipper closure, convenient to take out your items. Invest in the Lixada today. See more on Amazon…

5. Vincita Top Load Double Pannier

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Vincita is another reasonably priced bicycle pannier with excellent storage capacity. It is suitable for both men and women bicycles. Minimalist exterior, ideal for daily commuting. Reflective spots on the sides ensure nighttime visibility. Easy installation system, can be used on all types of adult bicycles with rear carriers, including cruiser, cargo, folding, touring, road, tandem, mountain and electric bicycles. Black/grey color.

This pannier has comfortable nylon carrying handle straps for portable and avoids your items in the bag being stolen by thieves. Each side of the bag has a rigid back panel to maintain its structure and prevent it from touching the wheels. The bike pannier is made of 600D polyester fabric. It is not only ultra-durable but also anti-tearing, abrasion, and heat-resistant. Protecting your items with the waterproof yellow rain cover included.

Reflective spots for nighttime visibility. When not in use, the bag is collapsible so it can be stocked flat in your storage. Large storage space. The main compartment can be expanded to hold more. Great for carrying laptops, clothes, tools, gadgets, lunch, rain jackets, and a bunch of other stuff. It is also perfect to use as a grocery bag when you go to the market or as a touring bag when traveling outdoors.

With one extra front zipper pocket on each side, you can easily reach and quickly access your wallet, cell phone, keys, etc. No need to carry everything on your back anymore. Four hook and loop straps on the top and two adjustable elastic straps on the back panel allow you to attach it neatly to your bike rack. It is also easy to remove from the bike rack for off-road use. This bike pannier from Vincita is perfect for families and workspaces.See more on Amazon…

6. WOTOW Bike Reflective Rack Bag

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Ever since WOTOW entered the bike bag market, it has become famous for its design and workmanship. Large reflective area and safe night riding. This bike bag features a large reflective area for better nighttime visibility and a rear loop for a rear light (not included) to help cyclists enjoy safer night riding.

It is made of high quality and waterproof material. The back of the bike package comprises 600DOxford PU coated fabric, which is waterproof and easy to clean. Also, laminated waterproof zippers help keep out the rain. Exquisite finish, durable, solid, and long-lasting. It has an 8L large capacity and is a great organizer.

The main compartment, two side pockets, a zippered top pocket, and two mesh pockets help you keep your essentials organized. Comes with two side pockets, a zippered top pocket, and two internal mesh pockets. Dimensions 15 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches (L x W x H), large enough to hold wallet, phone, towel, small tools, outdoor gear, water bottle, maps, food, etc. Multi-functional and versatile. It can be used as a bicycle carrying bag and a stylish chest bag for travelers when the hidden straps are removed and attached.

The practical handlebar loop can also be used as a handbag. Easy to take out when cycling is over. Easy to install without the use of tools. This backseat bike bag comes with four adjustable hook and loop straps and is suitable for most bike carriers such as mountain bikes, road bikes, etc. It is easy to install in only a few seconds. After using it for a while, I am convinced that the WOTOW bike bag is a good combination.See more on Amazon…

7. Rhinowalk Bike Bag Bike Pannier Bag

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Ever since Rhinowalk entered the bike bag market, it has become known for its design and workmanship. Rhinowalk Bike Pannier Bag
3 in 1 multifunctional bike rear pannier bag.(2 one side shoulder bags and 1 backpack)

Bicycle Pannier Bag Material & Craft has a PVC material with waterproof zippers and offers anti-tear, wear-resisting, cold-proof, and heat-resisting, fully waterproof.
Bike Rear Bag High Capacity:2*22L one side pannier bags(11.6″*5.9″*13.4″) and a 31L backpack(12.2″*5.9″*19.3″).Up to 75L capacity, fully expanded to hold more. Includes a rain cover and a belt.See more on Amazon…

8. 3 in 1 Bike Rack Bag Pannier

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Since LOVEVOOK entered the bike bag market, it has become known for its design and workmanship. It’s 100% waterproof and reflective high quality special waterproof material, a tough PVC material. Both sides have super bright reflectors to ensure the safety of night cycling. Easy to put on the bike and takes just minutes.

There are two solid hooks on the back of the bike bag, easy to use, safe and stable, suitable for various bicycles. It can be hidden when not in use. Large capacity with built-in laptop bag It is detachable and can be taken off when not in use.

Not only is it compatible with 11-15.6 inch computers, but it also has two pockets. These pockets are suitable for storing small items such as change or keys, making them easy to use. After using it for a while, I am convinced this bike pannier is good enough for larger items.See more on Amazon…

9. uramircle Cycling Bike Rear Rack Bag

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The uramircle is one of the best storage devices on the market, so for the price you can’t beat it. The waterproof material is softly padded and lightweight, yet sturdy. This offers maximum protection of your gear.  Thr 15×6.1×6.3 in. large capacity bike boot bag provides your items with ample storage space. The insulated liner can keep drinks and food cold for hours, while the fixed SafeReflective element improves visibility and safety when riding at night.

An elastic cable at the top keeps clothing and maps securely stowed in the bag. Reviews are strong on the carrier and has received good ratings in independent tests.See more on Amazon…

10. Ibera 2 in 1 Bike PakRak Insulated Cooler Trunk Bag

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As with many other bike basket products, the Ibera is a reliable bike trunk bag.

An intelligent, quick release/clip-on system attaches and detaches the bag in seconds. No straps needed. Insulated lining keeps food and drinks cool or warm. Perfect for supermarkets, picnics, and sporting events. The hard bottom protects fragile items.

With handbag and shoulder straps, it can be used as a shopping bag. The Ibera bicycle bag is a truly innovative bicycle basket.See more on Amazon…

What exactly are bike panniers?

front wheel panniers

Panniers are a type of bag or storage that attaches to a bicycle. Most often, they are attached over a bicycle’s rear wheel, most often sold in pairs. Panniers are available for the front wheel as well, but they are less common. Think of it as like a trunk for your bicycle.

Bike panniers contain and protect your gear better than a bike basket or bike rack ever could. Biking with a basket, you risk your stuff getting wet in the rain and small items falling through the basket and becoming broken or lost. Riding with a backpack can be hot and hard on your back. Bike panniers have a low center of gravity, are often rain or water-resistant, and your bike carries the weight, not you.

Shopping for Bike Panniers

There are choices to consider when shopping for panniers. Characteristics such as the design, materials, and the capacity and weight ratings are essential.

Panniers are often made from various materials, including Nylon, canvas, leather, or synthetic leather, some being weather resistant.

Many panniers come with a metal or plastic framework that attaches or is permanently attached to the inside of the bags to maintain the bag’s shape and rigidity.

Detachable Panniers

Some panniers are made with quick release connectors to be easily detached from the bicycle and have handles on top to carry them with. Other panniers are more permanent and are made to be forgotten until you are ready to use them. The advantage to detachable panniers is that it allows you to carry them into the store when shopping or into the house for packing or unpacking. You can also remove them when they are not needed to make it easier to ride through crowded environments and make storage easier. The larger panniers can often hold 4 gallons of milk total or two large paper shopping bags filled with groceries, while others are smaller and more compact.

Suppose you plan on purchasing quick detaching panniers. In that case, you may want to research if the bag can be collapsed or if it is permanently rigid due to a permanent framework and if the design allows the bags to separate in the middle.

Avoid Cheap Panniers

When shopping for panniers, you have many options. The best panniers for you will depend on how you plan to use them. But the most important consideration that is often overlooked is the quality of craftsmanship.

Cheap panniers are often poorly designed and don’t last. It is not uncommon to permanently detach attachment straps when tightening them and seams on the bag to separate when riding on bumpy roads or hitting potholes due to poor stitching. Cheap bags also tend to become permanently stretched out and sag even when the rated weight capacity has not been exceeded.

Not only do you want your panniers to last, but it’s also nice to arrive at your destination without losing your gear. It only makes sense that you would like to invest in a decent set of bicycle panniers.

Buying the best bike panniers does not mean that you have to break the bank, but don’t cheap out either. The adage rings true; you do get what you pay for.

Panniers and Safety

Many panniers come with reflective tape or markers to help increase visibility in low light conditions. That helps improve cycling safety, but there is something even more dangerous to consider.

There are many scary stories of either the bike panniers or the attaching straps getting caught up in the wheels’ spokes. At this point, typically, one of two things happen, either it rips a hole in the corner of the bag and practically destroys the panniers, or the bag doesn’t give, and it brings your bike to a screeching and skidding halt with the possibility of bent and damaged spokes. This usually happens when you least expect it and often when leaning into a curve when the bag swings into the wheel.

When panniers catch in the wheel, there is a chance you will fly off of your bike. Even if you are lucky enough to remain on your bike or uninjured from your fall, people traveling close behind you (cyclists or cars) may not stop as quickly as you did. Coming to an abrupt stop and being run over by a tailgating car could ruin your day.

So how can you avoid this scenario and be safe? As far as the panniers, they often have rigid inserts or a framework to help keep the bag out of the spokes, but that may not be enough. Most bike panniers mount over an existing bike rack. You would think just about any bike rack would work just fine. There are a few different bike racks on the market, and using the wrong style bike rack could prove dangerous.

The best advice I can give is to stay away from bike racks that mount in a V-shape, racks that just attach to the seat post or any racks that would not physically block the side of the bag from swinging in and touching the rear wheel. Racks that have three mounting brackets on each tend to not allow the panniers to contact the wheel. Some suggested bike racks would be the Topeak Super Tourist, and Axiom Bike Rack racks as they work well.

Also, tuck in or shorten the ends of attachment straps and make sure that the panniers are mounted far enough back that your heels don’t hit them as you are pedaling.

Make sure to try to balance the weight of the load between the two bags and place heavier items to the bottom.