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Best Bike Rack for Honda Accord

If you are an avid bicycle rider or at least someone who likes to go out on the weekends, then you know how hard it is to lug your gear around. When you want to hit up paths away from your house, you will have to pack your bike up and haul it with your car. Honda Accord owners have a ton of options for bicycle racks, and we will lay them out for those vehicle owners. Much like picking your bicycle, picking the right bike rack is of the utmost importance.

The Bike Rack For You

Today we are going to look at the most reliable 2-bike rack on the market for Honda Accord owners: the Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack.

We opted to look for a bike carrier that can handle two bikes at once. This way, you can always have a friend come out for a ride, and you are prepared if your SO wants to start riding as well. The Allen Sports Deluxe rack features long arms that can hold two different bikes while maintaining a distance of 12 inches from your car’s frame. The longer arms are essential because you don’t want your bike swinging or potentially scratching against your vehicle.

When we looked for a mounting option, we pretty much wanted something simple and easy to install, and that’s why we fell in love with the trunk-mounted rack. While this rack will fit most vehicles, it is particularly perfect for Honda Accords since they already have wide, easy access trunks. The ease of installation is just a bonus when it comes down to it all.

The Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mounted Rack is as sturdy as it is secure. When we are on the highway heading to our next bike trail, we want to know that the rack will hold up and keep our bikes safe. The tie-down system works excellently to keep your bike from swaying, and the snug fit against the trunk means you won’t have any concerns while out on the road.

What most people love about Allen Sports and the rest of their bike products is the affordability.

Establish Your Needs

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a committed cycling enthusiast, you are going to need a bike rack that fits your car and fits your needs. It can seem almost comical to consider bike racks at face value so profoundly, but it isn’t. Your bike rack will make your life easy, which will make you want to bring your bike out and ride more often. With that being said — let’s consider what your needs are concerning bicycle racks.

  • Number of Bikes – If you are riding alone and don’t plan on ever having company on your rides, then you can get away with purchasing a bike carrier that fits one individual bike. However, if you have a significant other or a friend who will be carpooling with you on these bike rides, you want to consider larger carriers. Bike carriers come in a variety of different sizes. Pick what you anticipate needing the most. Our advice? Plan for more — purchase a bike carrier that offers at least one extra spot on the rack.
  • Bonus Features – As with any other shopping you will do in life, you will quickly come to realize that bike carriers can be ‘upgraded’ in a variety of different ways. When you look for a bike carrier, don’t just look for something that will ‘get the job done’. Make sure to pay attention to bonus features that could make your life easy such as Fold Away ability, anti-sway technology, and retractable arms. These features won’t make or break your purchase, but it never hurts to get more for your money.
  • Mount Style – Fortunately for us, the Honda Accord can fit various bike carriers on its body. Some vehicles are somewhat limited in the carrier options available, but the Accord isn’t. We’ll break down the most common bike carrier mounts you will be looking at.
  1. Hitch-Mount – Your hitch mount comes off of the back of your vehicle, where you would hitch something to tow along behind you. Hitch mounted bike carriers are easy to install, flexible in their usage, and tend to be the easiest to load and unload. For hitch mounted bike carriers, you want to pay attention to your hitch size and the hitch size of your vehicle. The big con for this style mount is that you will lose trunk access while creating extra length.
  2. Roof Mount – The most common type of single bike carrier that we see is the roof-mounted version. Roof-mounted carriers work best for individual bikes. Roof carriers allow you to keep the car’s rear free of extended length while also leaving the trunk open for access. However, the roof-mounted carrier typically requires two people to use it with ease. Lifting your bike over your head and onto your roof is tough for one person.
  3. Trunk-Mount – The final type of mount we are going to discuss is the trunk-mounted carrier. Trunk mounted carriers are easy to install and even easier to remove. This carrier style is ultra-stable and easy to implement if your goal is to have multiple bikes hauled by your vehicle. The worst thing about trunk-mounted carriers is that they limit your access to your trunk while also creating a visual obstacle at the back of your car.
  4. Suction Cup Mount – Not the most common but snowballing in popularity. These are great for problem vehicles. Uses suction cups to mount bikes to glass or the body of the car.