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5 Best Cycling Leg Warmers 2022

Cycling leg warmers are the perfect thing for a brisk, fall bike ride. As the weather gets colder, it becomes more important to dress for the weather when riding your bike. Whether commuting to and from work or going for a long-distance ride, keeping the leg muscles warm will help the ride go smoother. While some people let the cooler weather discourage them from bike riding, appropriately dressed cyclists can ride in any weather.

A high-quality pair of cycling leg warmers are ergonomically shaped to accommodate bent knees, allowing for greater freedom of movement and maximum comfort. For size, we recommend choosing the same size as your regular shorts.

1. Defeet Merino Wool Kneeker

The Defeet Merino Wool Kneeker is made from  55% Merino wool, making this leg warmer great for cold and wet rides. The Kneeker is one size fits all, which means the size is not as customizable, but that also means that cyclists can share if their partner forgets to dress for the weather. The Merino wool keeps legs warm in cold weather, allowing circulation, so the cyclist doesn’t get too hot while working out. The Kneeker is a reasonably priced basic option for riders who want something to keep them warm without being overly complicated.

2. Louis Garneau Leg Warmers

Louis Garneau Leg Warmers are made of polyester to hug the skin and reduce air resistance while riding. The warmers’ top has a silicon cuff to stop slippage and ensure the warmers stay in place even during vigorous activity. They have an SPF rating of 50 for sun protection on those long mountain rides and a reflective logo for extra night visibility. They have an ankle zipper for easy on and off and sizes from extra small to extra-large. These warmers are light and pack up small so that in the cooler morning, you have them for warmth but can pack them away for the warmer afternoon.

3. Gore Bike Wear Universal Soft Shell Leg Warmer

Gore Bike Wear Universal Soft Shell Leg Warmers are made of a 92% polyester shell with a nylon insert for comfort and increased wind protection. The sizing is unisex, but they fit a little snug, so it’s recommended to buy a size up for proper fit. These leg warmers have a silicon strip on both the top and the bottom to prevent slippage during riding. Flat seams help prevent chafing and wind resistance, while a reflective logo on the front and back increases nighttime visibility.

4. Sugoi Mid Zero Cycling Leg Warmers

Sugoi Mid Zero Leg Warmers are made from 100% cotton for breathability, with a fleeced base layer for comfort. These leg warmers are hinged at the knee for increased flexibility, with flat seams for improved aerodynamics. The silicone strip on the top prevents slippage while they contour around the knee prevents bunching. They have 11-inch ankle zippers to make them easier to take on and off, with the zippers’ reflective strips for higher visibility. The sizing runs from extra small to extra-large, and the hinge at the knee makes finding the right size even more important. Sugoi Mid Zero Leg Warmers are slightly more expensive, but the high-quality material and contour make them worth the money.

5. Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Thermal Leg Warmer

Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Thermal Leg Warmer comes with a lifetime warranty, making these a good buy for the price, even though they are not the cheapest. The leg warmers are made with nylon thermal fleece for warmth and are contoured to the leg for maximum fit. They run a little large, so we recommended that you order a size smaller than usual. They have a silicone strip at the top for gripping, an ankle zipper for easy on and off, and reflective piping for night visibility. The leg warmers’ anatomic engineering prevents bunching while allowing for a full range of motion during riding.



What temperature do you wear leg warmers on a bike?

Bicycle leggings should be worn when the temperature reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and they work to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When cycling, the temperature or wind chill makes it feel colder, and your body temperature will drop. Covering your legs and knees will help you to stay warm and protect your muscles. While some people let the cooler weather discourage them from bike riding, appropriately dressed cyclists can ride in any weather.

What are Cycling Leg Warmers?

Leg warmers are a great alternative to heavy pants because they allow you to wear your biking shorts while keeping your legs warm. Legwarmers are made to cover the quadriceps and the knees for a more comfortable bike ride.

How do you put on Leg Warmers?

They are worn under shorts, by rolling the short leg up and then slipping the leg warmer on. Usually, leg warmers are made from Lycra, wool, or other insulating material.

How should cycling leg warmers fit?

Cycling leg warmers should fit snug and not loose. They should be just tight enough that the tops do not slip, and they fit the form of your legs.


Leg warmers mustn’t overheat your legs while cycling. Easy on and off is an essential feature for flexibility in adjusting the warmth as the day warms up. Because they don’t cover the whole leg, they can be taken off or rolled up when the day gets warmer, making them a portable solution for chilly fall days.

When you get to where you’re going, take them off, and you’re good to go. Cycling in the colder months is possible, and even fun, with the proper equipment. Don’t forget to consider arm warmers for cyclists as well.