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3 Cheap Fixie Bikes – Best of 2022

fixie road bike

Fixed gear bicycles are all of the rage around certain circles of riders. Sure, they may be getting the moniker of ‘hipster bicycle’, but the truth is anything but. Cheap Fixie bikes allow riders to go back down to the basics, focusing instead on a smooth ride that gives them a full workout. If you only have a passing knowledge of fixed-gear bicycles, we can remedy that for you. Let’s learn the ins and outs of fixed gear bikes before showing you a few of the top options in the marketplace.

Cheap Fixies For Sale

Alright, so we’ve talked a little bit about the benefits of riding a fixie. Now we are going to actually look at some quality options. Today, our focus will be on cheap fixie bikes that also bring a ton of quality to their build. While these bikes are our favorites, there are many out there to choose from!.

3 Best Fixies Bikes

1. Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

We’re kicking off our slate of top-notch fixies with the Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike. This fixed gear bike is as tough as it looks, showcasing double-walled anodized wheels. Golden Cycles is focused on giving you a comfortable ride that can weather pretty much anything that the pavement will throw up at you. There is a flip-flop hub on this model if you want to switch to a single gear ride, allowing you to cast whenever you want.


2. Schwinn Stites Fixie Adult Commuter Bicycle

Next up on our list is a fixie that gives off that old school, classic vibe. Schwinn has a long history of creating affordable, high-quality bicycles that routinely meet and exceed industry standards. This model showcases stainless steel accessories, a lightweight but durable frame, and attractive handlebars. There is precious little going on with this bike, and it’s everything you could want out of a fixie. You’ll spend your time riding, not repairing.

3. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear

The Urban Truck has riser bars instead of drop bars so that you can move fast throughout your city. The lightweight 6061 alloy frame and Alloy 1 and 1/8″ forks offer the best of both worlds. Use it for recreational use or as an everyday mode of transportation. This bike is packed with replaceable stainless steel dropouts, precision welds, and high-quality aluminum. What are you waiting for? Choose your color, size, and ride now.


What is a cheap Fixie bicycle?

fixie flip-flop gear

A fixed-gear bicycle, or ‘fixie’ for short, is a bike that only has one gear affixed to your rear wheels’ drivetrain. What does this mean exactly? Well, for starters having only a single gear means that you can’t just coast while you ride and have to focus on constantly pedaling to keep moving. You might be thinking… wait a minute, there are two gears in the picture, one on each side. This is a flip-flop hub. By flipping the wheel, the Fixie bike becomes a single speed bike.

Fixie bikes are stripped-down versions of the more modern bicycle that most people are familiar with. When we say ‘stripped down’ we don’t mean worse. We mean different.

Why ride a cheap fixie?

Fixed gear bicycles are considered one of the best ways to feel ‘at one’ with the road while you ride. Having to constantly pedal means that you are always going to be in your rhythm. The lack of bells and whistles between you, your gear, and your drivetrain means that you feel every movement you make. This gives a feeling that is quite unlike riding a multi-gear bicycle with suspension and so on.

By far, the biggest reason to consider riding a fixed-gear bicycle is due to fitness. When you ride a fixed gear bike, you are going to be constantly moving. You will need to pedal, avoid coasting, and constantly be on the lookout for your next move. If you’ve been driving in a bigger city, then you likely have seen fixed gear riders weaving in and out of traffic. While fixed gear riders tend to be fearless, they should still be careful.

Fixed gear bicycles also happen to be the most efficient type of bikes that there are. The power transference between your legs and your tires is the most fluid it will ever be. This is why you need to see track bicycles set up with fixed gears. This efficiency also parlays itself to braking, as well. When you want to stop, you don’t need to slam on your brakes. You slow down your pedaling rate — there are no wasted movements. Ultimately riding a fixie makes you feel like you are flying through the ride, not pedaling along with it.

The final reason we suggest riding fixed-gear bicycles is that your upkeep is going to be limited. Fixed gear bicycles are beautifully simple in terms of their construction, and as such, you won’t need to be replacing many moving parts. Buying a high-quality fixed-gear bicycle could be one of your best purchases as it should last you for years.