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7 Best Cheap Road Bikes for Beginners (2022) – Entry Level

Cheap Road Bike

If you are learning to ride and are new to the experience of road biking, a cheap road bike makes sense. But, as a newbie, how do you even know if you will enjoy the sport of cycling? After all, it’s not like you’re a confident pro cyclist and training for an Ironman Triathlon or any other long mile races any time soon.

If you plan on commuting, it’s hard to justify or recommend starting with an expensive road bike that may find itself collecting dust in a few months. The ideal choice for a beginner on a budget is to get an entry-level road bike.

Top 9 Best Road Bikes Reviewed

1. Kent Gzr700 Road Bike 700C

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This road bike is one of the cheapest but quality-built bikes you can buy.

Kent Gzr700 Road Bike features a High-strength steel frame and fork. Sports 21-speed Shimano gears and double-wall alloy wheels with 25mm wide tires.

The road bike 700C Kent Gzr700 is constructed around a tig-welded, high-tensile steel frame and fork. Shimano stem Shifters and rear derailleur ensure a quick, stable change across the 21-speed range. Alloy calipers and brake levers will stop quickly. Vitesse 36 hole rims look as good as they do. The Gzr700’s easy seat for extended trips. The maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds.

The road bike with a single-point alloy brake is worth its price.See more on Amazon…

2. Qazqa 26 Inch Road Bike

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Undoubtedly, Qazqa is one of the leading companies in the road bike industry today. It’s an attractive bike with a high-quality aluminum alloy frame and excellent paint finish.

Free pedal set and comfortable seat. High-quality steel road bike with 21-speed gears. Brakes consist of mechanical disc brakes, which can be activated quickly: advanced and fashionable suspension, Shimano transmission, and Shimano’s 30 shifters.

The bike is comfortable to ride in the city. 700C wheels allow you to experience the high speed of a road bike. Kazka is a first-class but straightforward road bike.See more on Amazon…


3. Eurobike Bikes HYXC550 Road Bike

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If you want to make a minimal investment when buying a decent road bike, HUIJIAN is the best choice for you.

It uses high-quality material, the disc brake is easy to adjust and start, and the operation is simple. The brake is handlebar type, suitable for two-finger or three-finger operation. Moreover, it guarantees your riding safety. the 21-speed gearbox and rear derailleur enable fast and precise shifting.

The wheel diameter is 26, suitable for adult riding. Use double-layer aluminum alloy wheels to ensure your safety. The 21-speed rear derailleur wheel allows you to choose the right gear and provide a stable ride both up and downhill.

The mountain bike can be selected in various fashionable colors and is perfect for men and women who love outdoor sports. No other road bike will give you so much riding fun for so little money.See more on Amazon…

4. Hiland Road Bike

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It’s a favorite not only of mine but of all our readers.

You can choose between multiple aluminum spokes or three-spoke wheels. Please make sure that this is the wheel style you want before you pay. If the pedal axle is marked L or R, screw the pedal marker into the left crank arm, screw counterclockwise and unscrew clockwise.

Pedal marker R on the pedal should be screwed into the right crank arm and unscrewed CW: 49cm road bike frame: suitable for 55-5’7 54cm road bike: suitable for 58-6’1 This bike is 85% pre-assembled. You will need to assemble the front wheel, pedals, handlebars, seat, and tires.See more on Amazon…

5. Giordano Libero Aluminum Road Bike

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Since entering the market, Hiland has made a name for itself in the design and manufacture of road bikes. The braking system consists of double caliper brakes, and the 700C wheels give you a fast road bike experience. Size 50cm (5’4-5’8), 55cm (5’8-6’1), 60cm (6’1-6’4).

Please check your size before ordering. After using them for a while, I’m convinced that Hiland road bikes are as good as the big boys.See more on Amazon…

6. Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

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Since its arrival on the road bike market, Giordano Rivero has become famous for its design and production: 6061 aluminum frame, high-strength steel fork, Shimano Claris STI gear levers, double-walled 32-hole alloy wheels, 700c x 25mm tires, and double-brake alloy brakes.

After using it for a while, I am convinced that Giordano Rivero’s road bike is ready to go with the big boys.See more on Amazon…

7. Tommaso Forcella Endurance Aluminum Road Bike

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Tommaso Imola entered the road bike market and has since become famous for its design and production. The IMOLA is an affordable performance, not an entry-level model. So whether you have just started riding or are returning after a long break, it is your bike.

New or returning riders don’t need a beginner’s bike that won’t meet their needs or last. Instead, you deserve a show at an affordable price. The Imola embodies the idea of affordable performance with a complete set from Shimano that wants to be on a bike that costs more than 100s. The Claris’s shifters, derailleurs, cranks, and brakes are all new; the R2000 Claris STI shifter mimics 105 and Tiagra parts. Cables are routed under the bars for a clean look and perfect shifting. Only bikes with integrated shifters and brakes offer optimal performance.

Don’t be fooled by imitations that use unmarked cranks and levers. The compact frame geometry is designed for all riding styles, with a low handlebar tilt for comfortable riding, even with low handlebars. We also fitted the Imola with 25mm wide 700c road tires to give you even more control in the corners. Every part of the Imola is designed to maximize comfort and efficiency so that you can get the most out of every ride.

It uses high-quality aluminum for our frames and offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty. We also use only Shimano components, which are guaranteed by Shimanos for 2 years and outperform the competition. Ride with confidence, knowing your new bike is built to last. See more on Amazon…


Best Place to Buy Cheap Road Bikes.

The best place to buy a cheap starter road bike is online. That is why road bikes at local pro shops tend to be from the top brand name manufacturers. Most often, they are the highest quality, best-built bikes featuring lightweight frames and forks. Unfortunately, this is why they are so expensive and can have prices that can leave you feeling poor. Even a deal on a lower-end bike on sale from a bike shop (by bike shop standards) can set your wallet back by at least 500 hundred dollars, and prices tend to only increase from there.

Shopping for a bike at a local bike shop may not be an option, financially speaking. Instead, buying a cheap bike from an online retailer is most often an economical and affordable choice.

Road bikes seem to have a huge number of models and styles to choose from. If you’re buying one for the first time, you may be at a loss for where to begin. Many factors will ­affect bike rack selection. Nevertheless, we were able to narrow the list down to our top 9 top picks.

Buying a Road Bike Online.


Unlike a store, buying a bike online will require you to assemble it. You may need to make adjustments or tune the bike for optimal performance. Cheap bikes, just like other things, are sold in a variety of different sizes, colors (including tires and grip tape), styles and price ranges, and build quality.

Some low-cost road bike models are real bargains like buying anything else inexpensive, while others are complete junk. Because of this, buying a bike with a warranty is always a smart decision. Just don’t set your expectations too high.

Disc brakes or carbon fiber frames on a cheap bike are not the norm. You don’t have to settle for a heavy steel frame bike. Buying a cheap bike a few pounds lighter with an aluminum frame is not out of the question. Remember that you can always do upgrades to your new road bike with better components and parts such as a more comfortable saddle, higher-end gear thumb shifters, performance clip pedals, wheels, or even better tires.

Everyone has a different opinion on what “cheap” is, so I have easily organized the bicycles by price range to find road bikes within your budget. Of course, you want to know that you’re buying the best road bike for the money.

I have focused on well-constructed, higher-quality road bikes for under 500 dollars.  Many of these less expensive bikes are often mistaken for bikes costing a thousand dollars or more.


Affordable Bike Options:

Head-turning bright colors.

Takara Sugiyama is a great example of this. Look at its bright yellow wheels and orange frame. This is all the rage now. Riding a flashy bike like this is sure to get you noticed and countless compliments for under the $250.00 price tag.

Single Speed Vs. Multi-speed

Another popular trend is people moving back to Fixie bikes, single-speed bikes, and straight handlebars. Notice that the Takara Sugiyama is a single speed bike?

Handlebar Types

You want to buy a road bike with the type of handlebars that will match how you plan to ride it. Although there are many different handlebars, there are two main choices when it comes to road bikes. They are drop-down bars and riser handlebars. For road bikes, drop-down bars are the most popular.

Drop Down Handle BarsFlat Bars/Riser Bars

If you plan on long bike rides or racing as a sport, the better choice may be drop-down bars. They do require you to lean farther forward but make for a more aerodynamic riding position.

If you are looking for comfort and a more casual rider, riser or flat handlebar bikes may be better. The age of the rider may also be a factor when it comes to the riding position.

Choosing the Right Size Bike

Make sure you get the right bike so that the bike is a good fit for your body. To get the right size bike, the rider’s height and leg length measurements come into play.

You want to remove your shoes and measure from the inside of the leg from the floor to the crotch. You will most likely need someone’s help for this.

I recommend that you pinch a textbook or other large book between your upper thighs to simulate the top of the bike frame. Then measure from the floor to the top of the book spine.

Once you have your measurement, head on over to this online road bike frame size calculator, it will provide you with the best frame size depending on your gender, height, and leg length.

Interestingly, women tend to have shorter legs and larger torsos than men of the same height. Women’s bike frames and the calculator consider this. The seat height is not really a consideration because the seat height can be adjusted to the desired position if the frame is the right size.

DIY Bicycle Maintenance.

Of course, the true expense of owning a bike will depend not only on the bike’s purchase price but also on how long the bike lasts and the replacement of parts or maintenance it requires over time.

The idea is preventative maintenance. In other words, please don’t wait for something to break or rust… try to prevent it from rusting or breaking in the first place. This means keeping the bike clean, the chain, chainring, drivetrain, derailleur, cassette, and cables all lubricated and adjusted. Always maintain proper tire pressure. Storing your bike in a dry, preferably indoor environment is important to avoid rusting and keep it reliable.

One of the quickest ways to destroy a road bike is to store it exposed to the weather. Storing indoors is obviously the best-case scenario. If you have to resort to storing it outside, make sure to cover it and keep it well oiled. When it comes to transporting your bike, make sure it is well secured.

Show your inexpensive bike the same love and care treating it as if it was an expensive bike, and it will serve you well. You want to get the longest life you can out of it, and if properly cared for, cheap road bikes should last for a decade or more. In addition, by performing your own maintenance and repairs, you can keep your bike in tip-top shape, save money, and may even find satisfaction and enjoyment in doing it yourself.