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9 Best Cycling Socks for 2022

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Most people don’t realize that there is a whole world of apparel made solely for cyclists and it has nothing to do with fashion. When you perform certain functions you’ll want to be equipped with the appropriate clothing. You obviously want to have bicycle helmet and a nice pair of shoes makes sense as well. If it’s going to rain, maybe some rain gear. However, have you ever put thought into the types of socks that you are looking to wear? The answer is common: probably not. Let’s look at cycling socks.

Cycling Sock Brands

Listed below are some of our favorite pairs of cycling socks available online.

Top 9 Best Socks Reviewed

1. GORE WEAR unisex C3 Dot Mid Socks

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GORE WEAR unisex C3 Dot Mid Socks. Fast moisture wicking and extremely breathable. Padding of the Achilles tendons to prevent any strain. Fast drying wool for pleasant warmth. Price is on the pricey side, but with all that it can do, the price is more than justified. The design is nothing to write home about, but overall the cycling socks is great for those on a budget.See more on Amazon…

2. LANDUNCIAGA Men’s Ankle Cycling Socks Unisex Compression Running Athletic Socks 10-15 mmHg1/3/6 Pairs

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Compression to the ankle & foot improves the blood flow, alleviate the swelling. The low cut running Socks boost the performance, and the thick padded socks will increase recovery time. Extra support bands for your plantar ligaments and arch with a deep heel cup and flat toe seam. It’s also a must-have for any foot intensive activity such as Marathon, Running, Hiking, Gym Fitness Training, Basketball, Cycling, Weightlifting, and more. Perfect for extreme races and long runs! We know these will be the best compression running socks you will ever wear, and you’ll become a raving fan!See more on Amazon…

3. CHARMKING Compression Socks for Women & Men Circulation (3 Pairs)15-20 mmHg is Best Support for Athletic Running Cycling

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Form-fitting, lightweight, and breathable fabric features maintain stability regardless of activity. Preferred trainers highly recommend these compression socks (15-20 mmHg). These are designed to promote blood circulation and oxygen flow, preventing fatigue and helps in muscle recovery. Two size options available to pick from. One of the best gifts for cyclists or anyone on their feet all day.See more on Amazon…

4. 3/5/8 Pairs Copper Compression Ankle Socks Women & Men Sport Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support – Best For Athletic &Travel

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Copper fibers capable of reviving blood circulation along with providing an 8-15 mmHg compression. The toe and heel portions are reinforced for added support and comfort. Compression is proven to improve blood flow, move faster, react quicker, and use less energy. Soft sole cushioning for adding comfort, designed for everyday use, boosts your performance for any sports activity, Yoga, Gym, Cycling, Running, Walking, Walking, Standing, Travel. Here you’ll find entry-level Pro performance along with the minimum features that you should expect from a Pro level cycling sock.See more on Amazon…

5. LIN 4 Pack Compression Cycling Socks for Men & Women Breathable Biking Sports Quarter Socks for Mountain Road Bike

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LIN quarter bicycle socks are crafted with virtually invisible toe seam for an ultrasmooth and invisible feel. Mesh Vent special mesh design of air out vent on the instep makes it breathable and air permeable. Big Y Shaped HeelActive deep pocket heel make the cyclist biking socks a perfect sports style. Great for men and women to enjoy cycling, biking, running, walking, exercise gym workout, CrossFit, or any athletic fitness sport. With the quality design, craftsmanship, size, and durability, you would expect to see pricing on the higher end.See more on Amazon…

6. LIN 4 Pack Cycling Socks for Men & Women – Performance Moisture Wicking CoolMax Ankle Socks for Mountain Road Bike Sports

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CoolMax FiberCoolMax fibers are slightly oblong-shaped with grooves rather than round. Manufactured in a tetra channel or hex channel style. Mesh vent structure and air-circulating ventilation zone. Deep Pocket Heel DesignActive deep Y pocket heel ensures the bicycle socks stay in place and move with the foot. Hand-link Seamless ToeSeamless toe construction provides no irritation and superior comfort. See more on Amazon…

7. Smartwool Men’s PhD¿ Cycle Ultra Light Pattern Crew

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Smartwool has become well known for its quality of design and workmanship. 4 Degree elite fit system for a dialed-in, performance-oriented fit. Shred Shield technology reduces wear from toes; Body-mapped mesh zones for added breathability.See more on Amazon…

8. VWU Mens Womens Sports Socks Athletic Socks for Running Cycling Basketball Hiking More

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VWU cycling socks are great for cycling, hiking, running, basketball, fitness, tennis, and most other sports. Arch Compression, Heel&Toe Construction, Blister Control; Fit your feet better, and the target compression design protects feet muscle from injury. Moisture management technology wicks moisture away from your skin, 3D breathable knitting for breathable better. They are also fashionable and comfortable for daily wear.See more on Amazon…

9. Merino Wool Socks ZEAL WOOD Unisex Hiking Trekking Quarter Socks Thermal Warm Winter Socks1/2/4 Pairs

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The ribbed stay-up top keeps socks from sliding down. Merino wool blend ensures comfort all day long. Exclusive Merino Wool Blend wicks away sweat and lets it evaporate fast, so your feet will stay comfortably dry. Do not hesitate and add these great, stylish, and fashionable Merino Sheep Socks to your cart! This is a truly high-end cycling sock by ZEAL WOOD.See more on Amazon…

Understanding Special Sock Features

Socks aren’t terribly diverse pieces of apparel but there are still enough features out there that we think it is worth explaining. We’ll break down two of the most important types of sock features that you will run into.

Compression Cycling Socks

The main goal of compression socks when you are cycling is recovery. Compression socks and compression clothing, in general, can be seen on athletes of every type of sport. Compression socks lead to a recovery by way of maintaining your blood circulation. Blood actually can stagnate in your calf after you work out and by adding compression socks you will re-ignite that circulation while reducing the level of toxins. Compression socks can also lead to a reduction in injuries while cycling as well as increased speed and performance over the span of a race.

Quick Drying Socks

If you are going to be doing heavy cycling or consistent summer riding then you should consider adding quick dry socks to your cycling drawer. Quick dry socks perform the exact function that you would assume: they keep your feet dry by rapidly wicking sweat away. Quick dry socks come in a variety of different materials but you’ll most often see them made of synthetic blends such as polyester or nylon.

Types of Cycling Socks

Alright, so you’ve been riding a bicycle for years and this is the first time you’ve noticed the need for cycling socks. The world of sock shopping isn’t incredibly exciting but a proper look into it can lead to a more pleasant riding experience and healthier feet in the long run. We are going to dip into the different varieties of socks that you’ll be considering while giving you pros and cons of each option.

Low Cut/High Cut

Before delving into the different styles of socks we want to first figure out if you’ll be wearing high cut or low cut socks. The difference between these two options is simple. High cut socks are worn anywhere from the shin all the way up to the knee. Low cut socks can be shin height all the way down to ankle cut. There is no right or wrong answer to choosing between these styles but there are different applications. People tend to wear high cut socks when cycling in adverse weather conditions or while aiming for endurance riding due to the recovery benefits of the high cut compression socks. Low cut socks are perfect for hot weather riding.

Summer Socks

Did you know that you can sweat up to a cup of perspiration while cycling in hot weather?

All of that sweat can leave your body by a bunch of different ways, including through your feet.Now if you have thick, poor breathing, rough socks you’ll end up with feet that seem to have been destroyed by blisters and lesions.

Summer socks should be especially focused on lighter material that gives you maximum breathability. Wicking away the sweat via the sock will keep your feet dry and blisters blissfully absent from your precious feet. Most folks opt for Merino Wool or synthetic based materials (nylon, polyester). Avoid cotton at all cost when cycling during the summer.

Winter Socks

Much like summer riding you should also pay attention to the elements during winter riding. During the winter you’ll want socks that ride higher up than the ankle on your leg. You will also want to opt for heavy wool that can wick away moisture while retaining quality thermal insulation. If your sweat begins to build up in your sock during a winter ride it will become cold. Cold feet lead to both injuries and illnesses. For more specific shopping targets you should consider thermal wool socks with positive wicking abilities. Anything else is likely to leave you with sore feet after a long and cold ride.

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